ELVIS 1960 - MARCH 7 to MARCH 31

Elvis returned to Memphis after two years in the Army on March 7, 1960. On the 9th, he received a combination
radio-television set from RCA as a gift. It was presented to him for the sale of 50 million records from 1956 to 1960.

On the 20th, he left for Nashville for his first recording session in almost two years. That session was so well
guarded that, so far, not a single picture of the actual session has surfaced.

The next day, Elvis boarded the Southwind which would depart Nashville Railroad Station, heading for Miami.
Frank Sinatra, who came close to calling him a blabbering idiot a few years back, ate crow and dug deep in his
pockets to have him on his television show. It must have been a sweet moment of complete vindication.

Three days after it was recorded, RCA shipped more than one million copies of the single, "Stuck On You" backed
with "Fame and Fortune".

Elvis was back.

ELVIS 1960 - March 7 to March 31
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by Paul Belard

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