Well I'll get right to the point! What the hell is the point of making this movie?

Well, 'Elvis From Outer Space' is, as I'm sure you can gather from the title is a "comedy". A comedy that will make you give out the odd giggle, even
though these moments are unintentional.

It's 1977 and Elvis Presley (played by George Thomas and looks, sounds and acts ) has organised, with the help of the CIA, to have aliens remove his
consciousness and transfer it into a human-shaped bio-suit and then whisked away in a UFO taken off to Alpha Centauri where he spends the next 30
years performing for all kinds of alien beings throughout the galaxy, the King becomes, not only home sick for earth but lonely for his secret daughter
(although seemingly not Lisa Marie???). Anyway, the Aliens agree to take him back to earth for just a few days, after which his bio-suit will collapse
due to gravity and will kill him, so he must get back to the Aliens ship before it's too late (Sounds riveting doesn't it).

If you're wondering how the hell Elvis Presley, who's supposed to have been dead for 30 years, can just return to earth without causing a bit if a
scene? Well, as luck would have it, when Elvis returns it just so happens to be the “1970s Elvis World Crown Competition” in Las Vegas. Yeah I know,
surly Elvis would have wanted to return to Memphis and not Vegas?

So this movie is so low budget that they could not afford the to any songs from the Elvis catalogue. So, we get a plethora of bloody IMPS, sounding
drunk (why is it people who "IMPersonate" Elvis sound like they've been to a bar for a few hours?) singing original songs for the movie. So we don't
even get the pleasure of an Elvis song being "attempted" by an IMP.

Even though the whole reason for "Elvis" returning to earth for just a few days was for him to find his "Secret Daughter", he assumes the name "John
JB Burrows" and takes part in the Elvis IMP contest. Gripping isn't it?

But wait, JB (Elvis) goes and falls in love with the Woman who is running the IMP contest. But still wait... The CIA, if you remember they helped Elvis to
get the Aliens to take Elvis away, well they are trying to get Elvis booted off the planet and they kidnap Elvis' "secret" daughter in an attempt to force
him to leave (if they just waited, he only had a few days on earth or he would die)!  

And just to make things even more...well huh? The narrator, who is one of the IMP charterers, goes on and on through the movie and turns out he's
not just the narrator! Plot check,  1. Elvis has gone to outer space and after 30 comes back to earth because he was lonely for the daughter who
knows nothing about being the daughter of Elvis Presley. BUT, he only has a few days before the earths gravity kills him.

2. Elvis is in disguise as an Elvis IMP called John Burrows or JB and he enters the "1970s Elvis World Crown Competition" where he falls in love.

3. The CIA want to kick Elvis off the planet and to do so, instead of waiting, they kidnap the secret daughter to threated Elvis into leaving.

4. The Narrator and Elvis IMP, ends up owing money to the Mob and must win the contest for the money.

Sounds like one hell of a funny movie right?  NAH! Like I said at the start, there are a few chuckles, they're just not intentional.

"Elvis From Outer Space" was originally made way back in 2011 and was then titled "Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns" and watching it you will be
excused for thinking that someone has made this to just poke fun at Elvis and the Elvis world, so imagine my shock at learning this was made by a
gentleman by the name of Marv Z Silverman
, who is an Elvis fan with way too much money to spare.

Anyway, "Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns" stopped dead and never came out sat in a cupboard somewhere never to be seen by anyone, ever and it
would have remained unseen but
a company called JOBA Entertainment bought the rights....YES, they actually paid money to own the rights to the
movie and set out to release it upon the World....they must hate people?

First thing the new owners did was to bring in a new writer, an editor and director which was Tracy Wulschpard who set to work re-editing, re-shooting
scenes and removing scenes. For the newly filmed scenes they were even able to bring back George Thomas (Elvis / Burrows) which was lucky as he
happened to be on a break from filming.......well, he was between errr, films (his last one being "Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns [2011].

And when finished, the movie was renamed "Elvis From Outer Space".  I could go on but I really don't want to.  I can only urge you to never watch this
movie, I did so that you don't have to. OH, and just when you think the movie can't get any more bizarre, Sony West turns up playing himself and
realising, without too much shock, that Elvis really is alive.

Elvis Express Radio gives this movie 1 Star out of 10 and the 1 is because the name ELVIS is in the title.

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JULY 2020
Elvis was the first and greatest solo entertainer in history, he was / is known around the World as the King - but was the man behind his business,
Colonel Tom Parker, a good manager?

Fans have not often looked on Colonel Tom Parker with fondness. Parker has been accused by many of mishandling Elvis’ affairs, even to th extent
where he allegedly took an exorbitant amount of his profits. However Todd Slaughter, the head of the largest Elvis fan club in the UK, has a different
view of the late manager.

"Colonel Tom wasn’t who many depicted him to be". He said: “Colonel is depicted as a Svengali character and, to be fair, most managers of pop stars
over the years have been more than a bit dodgy…Colonel Parker was possibly no different from that but he really did work hard for Elvis.

“Even when Elvis was on tour, he went to the next town, he made sure the radio, the TV were aware that Elvis was arriving.

“He even put additional posters up, even if the venues were sold out, because what he was doing was selling Elvis.

“He was dedicated to promoting Elvis.”

According to Todd, a few managers of the time may have done some dodgy things, but clearly Colonel Tom is not quite the man many have thought.

He continued: “As far as the British fans were concerned, he was better than most managers were because he really did take time to meet the fans.

“To me, personally, he was very, very nice. So I saw a different sort of Colonel Parker from how many people possibly believed he behaved.

“It was claimed he took 50 per cent of Elvis’ earnings which was not true. He took 25 per cent which, at that time, was the industry standard.”

Instead, Todd claimed Colonel Tom took a 50 per cent split of licensing and merchandise, rather than his earnings.(EER: I'm surprised at hearing
Slaughter come out with this as it is a well known FACT that Parker fleeced Elvis for every dime he could.)

Loanne Parker, Colonel Tom’s widow, has similarly spoken out about how her husband was depicted.

She hopes Tom Hanks, who is playing Colonel Tom in the upcoming Elvis biopic, Elvis, will show the different sides of the manager, saying: “If Tom
Hanks takes on a role, he makes it a good fit.

“He will be a good fit for Colonel, I have trust in his abilities.

“Every story has a hero and a villain, and the past stories that made Elvis a hero and that leaves only the Colonel to be a villain and both of them were
heroes in their own right.

“I would like to see that clarified, and I have great faith in Tom’s ability and integrity and I just pray he wouldn’t do anything less than the truth.”

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The Express / Elvis Express Radio

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10 new interactive experiences will be unveiled August 8, 2020 – Kick-off date of Modified Elvis Week, Virtual Elvis Week
Graceland has announced it will be adding ten new immersive experiences to the Elvis Presley’s Memphis Complex as of August 8, 2020.

These state-of-the-art activities invite guests to become the King or Queen of their social media with dozens of interactive, shareable moments that
allow them to get closer to Elvis than ever before via virtual and augmented reality technology.

Designed to inspire, entertain and inform guests, all experiences are included in the Graceland ticket price, and most allow visitors to create
customized photos and videos of themselves with Elvis to download free of charge.

Experiences include:
Eras of Elvis Game asks guests to answer a series of questions that will result in meeting 50s, 60s or 70s Elvis via augmented reality technology for
a downloadable photo.

“Elvis Yourself” Virtual Dress-Up Experience allows fans to be virtually dressed in one of Elvis’ iconic costumes and have their photo taken.

Elvis Album Cover Photo Booth
virtually places guests onto an album cover of their choice with Elvis resulting in a downloadable photo.

Elvis Movie Match Game asks guests to answer a series of questions that will result in meeting one of Elvis’ big screen characters via augmented
reality for a downloadable photo.

Interactive LED Dance Floor Quiz invites visitors to test their Elvis IQ by answering questions on an illuminated dance floor.

Elvis’ Interactive Golf Cart Ride offers guests a virtual tour of the Graceland grounds in a custom-designed golf cart simulator with 360-degree
video technology.

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” AR Serenade
virtually transports guests onto the set of Blue Hawaii and allows them to be serenaded by the king!
The video will be downloadable and sharable.

Elvis Movie Posters Photo Booth
virtually places guests in one of Elvis’ movie posters and delivers another unique and sharable photo.

“Memories” AR Serenade allows guests to take a virtual seat on stage next to Elvis at the ’68 Comeback Special as he performs this song resulting
in a downloadable video.

Elvis: Front Row offers visitors a taste of what it was like to see Elvis perform live in this immersive concert experience that combines elements of live
footage, stage lighting and surround sound.

Built in 2017 across the street from Graceland Mansion, Elvis Presley’s Memphis is a 200,000 square foot entertainment and exhibit complex that is
home to the largest collection of Elvis memorabilia in the world. There are ten separate exhibits featuring thousands of artifacts from Elvis’ life and
career. The crown jewel is the Elvis the Entertainer exhibit showcasing Elvis’ gold and platinum records, his stunning jumpsuits, movie memorabilia and
more. Many of the new Instagrammable experiences will located in this area.

“I’ve always wanted to dress like Elvis, but never quite found the courage,” said Joel Weinshanker, Graceland Holdings Managing Partner. “I plan to be
first in line for these socially shareable attractions.”

The announcement comes on the heels of Graceland releasing their plans for a modified Elvis Week August 8-16. While any potential high-risk
activity, including live performances, live appearances, group parties or meals, autograph signings and meet & greets have been eliminated,
Graceland will host a series of pre-recorded daily screening events that are a blend of new panels featuring those who knew Elvis, new interviews with
Elvis tribute artists, new content pieces from the Graceland Archives, Drive-In movies and specially edited concert shows that look back on Best Of
Elvis Weeks past, including the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, concerts featuring Elvis’ bandmates and backup singers, and Elvis films on the big
screen. Attendance will be capped to meet or exceed social distancing and maximum capacity guidelines. The Candlelight Vigil on August 15 will be
more limited than in past years, and will require free advanced reservations, but the longstanding tradition will carry on with a socially distanced fan
procession to Meditation Garden. The full schedule and tickets are available at Graceland.com.

Graceland also announced their first-ever Virtual Elvis Week that will allow fans from around the world to participate in Elvis Week from the comfort of
their homes. Content will include past Elvis Week concerts and panels, new interviews with bandmates, co-stars and friends, new behind-the-scenes
Graceland content, a look back at previous Candlelight Vigils, Elvis tribute artists, and of course a live stream view of our 2020 Candlelight Vigil (the
live stream will also be available, as always, on Graceland.com, free of charge). Tickets for Virtual Elvis Week are $39.00 and are available to
purchase here http://ticketing.graceland.com/12768/23145

In another first, Graceland has just launched its first-ever gift card program. The customizable gift cards are available in six collectable Elvis designs,
and can be purchased at Graceland.com or throughout the Graceland campus in Memphis, TN. They have no expiration date and can be used at
Graceland for any tour, concert, special event, food, beverage or retail. They can also be used at the AAA rated Four Diamond resort The Guest
House Hotel for rooms, food, beverage and retail, or online at ShopGraceland.com for Elvis and Graceland-themed merchandise.

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Our friends at the Elvis Information Network have taken a look at the changing times within the Elvis world. It's a subject that we've been discussing on
our weekly show, especially with the "That's The Way It Is" releases from Erik Lorentzen and the FTD Label.

Now, I myself adore this point in the Elvis time-line and to have the (now) 5 TTWII bibles released by the master of Elvis Books, Erik Lorentzen and
also the FTD TTWII 50th Anniversary set of 2 books and 8 CDs would be amazing. To have them on my shelves and able to play the CDs whenever I
wanted and to turn those pages to just smile as I looked at those more than 2000 Never Before Seen images from this awesome time would be a
dream. And that's just it now-a-days, it is "JUST A DREAM"!

The Elvis World really has become a 2 tire system, it's the haves and the have nots. EIN does point something out that is a very good one and that is
even though Parker is a horrid for the most part, he did believe in the same thing as Elvis, which was "LOOK AFTER THE FANS!". Fans were the
priority, you look after them and they did through keeping Concert tickets as low as possible, cheap merchandise, helping out with the fan clubs,
basically keeping a great and friendly relationship with the fans as possible.

None of that exists now-a-days as the whole Elvis machine is owned and run exclusively with
commercial interests. The prices for entry into Graceland
is so expensive it's a none-starter for many fans. Back in 2000 the Platinum ticket, which gave full access to everything was around $15.00 per person
and now 20 years on the price is a whopping $184.00 per person. Add merchandise and all the other little bits a visit would cost, a family of 4 will be
looking at a big hunk of cash for a trip.

DELUXE HAS GONE CRAZY... The word "Deluxe" is on so much stuff these days that the word is becoming the new norm. And EIN throw the spotlight
on this current craze. FTD, SONY Music, Venus, Erik Lorentzen are all releasing their very own "Deluxe" editions costing anywhere from £100 to £300
and more and more fans are seeing the gap move further and further away. Even a simple 12" vinyl album is beyond many fans nowadays with prices
from £30.00 upto £50.00 in some cases.

Another change is Follow That Dream, RCA-SONY, Eric Lorentzen, Venus, etc all now publish expensive "Deluxe" collections. Some costing US$350.
Out of reach for most fans, so why is this?

EIN point out why these "Deluxe" releases are what they are...
The answer, of course, is money. There is obviously a neat profit in targeting the higher end of the Elvis fan market. In this respect, the proliferation of
coffee table Elvis books is similar to the (admittedly) less regular annual Elvis box set extravaganzas from RCA/BMG/Sony. And, of course, plenty of
the material in all these publications has usually been previously released but now include a few new additions or "upgrades" to attract customers.

To read EIN's full article get on over there

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