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With no word from Fathom Events or EPE, the planned Worldwide Wide screening of the newly edited show "ELVIS UNLEASHED" on October 7th and 11th has now been cancelled
across the Globe with the apparent exception of a few Cinemas around the UK?

There has been a superb publicity campaign surrounding this event, which was due to be screened in over 800 cinema's across the USA as well as Australia and other cinema's
around the World. But all of a sudden and without any word, all listings have been removed including all information that could be found on EPE's news page found at

What is bizarre, even though the screening around the World has been cancelled and on the official Fathom Events page and EPE page it's as if the production never existed, it
was all in our imagination. Except on the Showcase Cinema's website, the UK event is still on...?

BUT, with the screening time starting at 4:30pm (while most people will be still at work, tickets could well be low and could still be cancelled). IF the screening times around the world
have also been at stupid O'Clock when most people will still be out at work, then low ticket sales could easily be understandably low, thus the sudden cancellation.

We the fans deserve to be told why this has been cancelled instead of just saying, that's it, not happening, tough!

This 100 minute show,
"Elvis Unleashed" told us it captured the spontaneous moments and stories behind the legendary special and sheds new light on Elvis as an icon. Let's hope
this will see a BLU-RAY release soon

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