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We've all seen the Press Interview held in Houston in February 1970. Elvis is in a fun and relaxed mood answering questions and joking with the 100 reporters in the room.  

But news which is being reported around the world is that a group of fans are claiming that the interview was NOT with Elvis but with a body double, and not just any body double,
they claim the man being interviewed on the film is actually Jesse Garon Presley, Elvis' twin brother who was still born back in 1935 (or maybe not lol). Oh and according to these
same fans, the interview was conducted in 1974 and not 1970?

So, what is it that's making this group of fans come up with this rather crazy theory?

One claimed The King of Rock - who died in 1977 and would be 84 now - has brown eyes in the footage instead of his iconic blue in what the group call "the unearthed clip".

It's not an "Unearthed clip", the footage, which has been shown on many documentaries and DVD releases, was filmed after the concluding show Elvis performed at the Houston
Astrodome in February 1970, during the press conference and has Elvis talking about his return to touring and appearing at the Astrodome. He said: "They asked me to do it and I
was anxious to do some live performances, you know, it has been a long time since I’ve been on stage in front of anyone live."

One theorist wrote: "In this video, one can clearly see the brown eyes and the mannerisms as being different from that of Elvis! That is because this interview was done by Jesse
Garon Presley."  This crazy theory also makes the claim that Jesse Garon Presley survived birth and went on to work as Elvis' body double?

One commentor wrote: "One can see that this is NOT Elvis. They most likely knew (as we can see the difference)."

Another wrote: "I've seen this before I knew it was Jesse and not Elvis as he was not comfortable."

-  We at EER cannot understand why any fan of Elvis Presley would claim the person in the video does not have the mannerisms of Elvis? Like we already stated, watch the whole
interview and you will see ELVIS jokes around with the press and is enjoying himself off the back of record breaking attendance numbers at his shows at the Astrodome.  As for the
eye colour... We're sure that if there was HD camera's in 1970, we would be able to see his blue eyes, but there wasn't so we are left with press footage giving us the film we have.

But according to our theorists: "Vernon looks quite nervous I thought possible because it was Jessie.” (The name is Jesse, unless that's another conspiracy...Who knows?).

Which got this response from the original poster of the claims: "I noticed that too. I also noticed that Jesse could not answer all of the questions about the events in Elvis' life.
"This is clearly not Elvis. It is Jesse."

An Elvis Presley press conference was a rare event and you can count actual press conferences on one hand plus an extra finger.
These press conferences are:. 1967 (Wedding), 1968 (TV Special), 1969 (Opening In Vegas), 1970 (Houston Astrodome), 1972 (Madison Square Garden),
                                                1972 (Aloha From Hawaii Announcement).

Elvis was not used to being put in front of the Worlds press and Vernon was even less use to it, so were there a few nerves flying about, we're sure there were, but to turn around
and make these crazy claims is nothing less than stupid.

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