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He went from Coney Island’s boardwalk to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. That’s Irwin Winkler, the 87-year-old legend behind such classics as “Goodfellas,” “Raging Bull” and
“Rocky.” Over his 50-year career as a writer, director and producer, Winkler has worked with Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone, Martin Scorsese, Liza Minnelli, Demi Moore and of
course, the man simply known the world over as, The King! Elvis Aaron Presley.

One of Winkler’s earliest movies was 1967’s “Double Trouble,” starring a 32-year-old Elvis Presley as a musician (natch!) who becomes involved with a British heiress.

The singer charmed Winkler on set. “He was polite, very nice to be with, good company, interested in things,” the producer said. But Winkler also discovered in Elvis the darker side
of fame. For one thing, although the singer aspired to deeper acting roles, his iron-fisted manager, Colonel Tom Parker, refused to allow it.

Winkler said Presley told him how much he admired “Point Blank,” the revenge thriller the producer made that same year.

“I wish I could make movies like that,” Presley said. “I can’t do that because the Colonel won’t let me.”

Presley’s career was also winding down by then, Winkler noted, but the singer hadn’t accepted that fact. Every day when he’d leave the MGM lot in a car with his friends Red and
Sonny, they’d throw a blanket over the singer to hide him from view from adoring fans.

But in reality, Winkler told The Post, no one was waiting to see him.

“Did he know the crowds weren’t there anymore?” Winkler wondred about the singer, “or did he simply not want to know?”

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Originating Source - New York Post

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Hollywood legendary Producer, Irwin Winkler shares some of his memories making movies, including 'Double Trouble' with Elvis in 1967