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The Memphis City Council likely won't approve City government seeking additional incentives for Graceland until mid-June, as the dispute with Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) over
soundstages continues.

On May 7, the Council delayed — until June 18 — a resolution that would allow the state to amend the Graceland Tourism Development Zone (TDZ). This is the third time that
resolution has been held.

The delay once again centers on whether a soundstage is actually a soundstage and whether the City incentivizing said soundstages would violate a long-standing agreement with
the Memphis Grizzlies. The deal, announced in March, appeared to pave the way for a $100 million expansion of Graceland but is now stuck in the mud.

In March, the two parties seemed to put aside their differences over whether public financing could be used by EPE to build an arena at Graceland. The parties agreed to let a
judicial ruling be the final arbiter of the arena incentives question, and the deal spelled out that the City would help EPE seek public financing for retail, an expansion of the
Guesthouse at Graceland, and 80,000 square feet of soundstages.

But, those soundstages have proven to be a hiccup, despite being spelled out in the March deal.

EPE hosts concerts at the existing Graceland soundstage, which, according to EPE head Joel Weinshanker, seats between 1,600 to 1,700. The tourism destination continues to
announce more acts coming to Whitehaven, and the council's leadership, notably Chairman Kemp Conrad, has voiced concerns about how additional soundstages might affect the

City of Memphis Chief Operating Officer Doug McGowen also said Tuesday the soundstages remain the "crux" of the issue. Soundstages, by the dictionary definition, McGowen
said, aren't the problem. However, the city remains concerned about violating its agreement with the Grizzlies, which forbids public financing for another arena beyond FedEx Forum.

In an April interview, EPE majority owner Weinshanker noted that the existing Graceland soundstage was financed with public sources, including the Graceland TDZ.

The council also held an attorney/client meeting May 7 that lasted about 45 minutes.

Eight members of council, Council attorney Allan Wade, and City COO Doug McGowen attended the meeting. The session was visible to the public because it was held in City Hall's
fifth floor council committee room, which has glass windows. During the meeting, council vice chairwoman Patrice Robinson held up a map of the Graceland TDZ.

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