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Elvis Presley's gun, bought after a four-person onstage attack in Las Vegas left the star 'rattled', is to be auctioned next weekend along with other personal pieces.

Other lots include chest x-rays taken just months before his death by heart attack, golden jewellery owned by the king of bling and Graceland documents.

The personal pieces are expected leave bidders 'All Shook Up' when they go under the hammer with GWS Auctions in Beverly Hills next weekend, Saturday May 11.

Elvis's Smith & Wesson handgun bought by the star after he was attacked onstage in 1973 could sell for up to £15,300

He was left unhurt by the attack at the Las Vegas Hilton, Nevada, but was believed to have been so 'rattled' by the encounter that he purchased the weapon.

According to a provenance letter, the 'Shook Up' star then added black grips and filed the hammer down so he could 'strap it to his right leg while onstage'.

A series of x-rays, including a negative of the chest scan from September 1976, less than a year before his death has an estimate of $3,000 USD.

The x-ray that could have been taken to analyse chest pains, with the cause of Elvis's death in August 1977 ruled as a heart attack.

Two other x-rays are also up for auction, one of his right hand scanning for a potential break or fracture where his bracelet can be clearly seen, and another of his right foot.

Brigitte Kruse, of GWS Auctions, said: 'When Elvis was attacked on stage by a crowd of people during one of his it rattled him and put things into perspective.

'He was able to get away and from my understanding his security team would have been able to mitigate the situation.

'I don't think he was harmed but it was a wake-up call for him.

'Being a performer on stage, you don't know if someone is coming at you to cause harm to kill or embrace you, it really scared Elvis.

'What he did with this revolver was file it down to fit in his boot, that way he could wear it on stage, should something happen.

'There has always been this crazed fanbase surrounding Elvis Presley and then The Beatles, people tried to steal Elvis's body after it was buried the first time.

The chest x-ray was before Elvis passed away, I can only speculate but it's quite possible that Elvis had chest pains - ultimately passing away due to heart issues.

'He had heart disease and what is amazing to me is that in September 1976, less than year before his death, he was obviously complaining of chest pains.

'I would say in the medical realm of memorabilia these are extremely rare because unlike pill bottles, x-rays are kept in medical files.

'What's also really neat is that in the hand x-ray you can see his gold bracelet, it's something very different and you won't see this kind of item again.'

Potentially leading the bidding could be the purchase contract for Graceland signed by Elvis, his mother Gladys and father Vernon, which could fetch £30,000 ($40,000 USD).

It validated the sale of the property from Memphis socialite Ruth Moore for a total of £70,000 ($90,000 USD), where he would live for 20-years.

Brigitte said: 'I have never seen anything with all three of their signatures on it, which is just incredible.

'Elvis loved his parents so much, so to be able to have something like this and share such success with them, makes it one of the most notable pieces.'

Some of the elaborate jewellery of Elvis is also up for sale including his iconic diamond and 14k yellow/white gold nugget ring bearing his initials.

A 14k yellow gold watch gifted after his electrifying sold out performance in 1969 following eight years without performing.

It was given to the bandleader of the Las Vegas International Hotel, Bobby Morris, engraving on the back 'To Bobby from Squirrly EP'.

Although misspelled by the engraver, the nickname 'Squirrley' was given to Elvis due to his 'fooling around' during rehearsals.

A vintage Bulova Accuquartz timepiece engraved with 'King' is also up for grabs, it was given to Elvis's bodyguard and eventually wardrobe manager Richard Davis as a Christmas

Brigitte said: 'Jewellery was Elvis's way of decorating himself, you realise his parents were sharecroppers.

'For someone of such humble beginnings, he could never have dreamed about owning jewellery, so then to become one of the most famous people in the world.

'I think jewellery was the first thing attainable to him, it was something he never had before and could only have dreamed of those finer things as boy.

'When he found a piece that he really loved he would buy five or ten, he was a very giving person, gifting jewellery and cars.'

An 18k yellow gold belt buckle bearing the Rolls Royce grill, 'Flying Lady' and 'Spirit of Ecstasy' hood ornaments.

Elvis gave the prized piece to his Aunt Delta, who was the only person living on Graceland after his death - it was previously purchased by the owner of the Elvis Museum Jimmy

He met the star in 1955 and remained close with the family, even after Elvis's death, and also received a custom made 18k yellow gold guitar brooch.

Jimmy said: 'Delta disclosed that she was going to pass away soon and wanted me to purchase all of the things which Elvis had given her over the years..'

These feature alongside a rare pair of unused concert tickets from 'The Tour That Never Was' a mere month after Elvis's death and 1969 RIAA Gold Record to commemorate
'Suspicious Minds' selling more than one million copies.

An autograph book with Elvis, his girlfriend Anita Wood and uncle Vester Presley's signatures, a promotional collection from Blue Hawaii, and a sympathy acceptance card from the
Presley family to a fan.

Other headlining pieces include a Rolex watch given to Marlon Brando as a gift after winning the Oscar in 1973 for his performance in the Godfather.

The timepiece that is engraved with 'Vito's' after his character Don Corleone and 'MB' his initials, could sell for $10,000 USD.

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May 11 starting at 10am PST (6pm UK time), for more information or to place a bid visit: www.gwsauctions.com

Originating Source - Memphis Magazine (October 2017)

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