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Tom Jones kicks off his world tour reminiscing about his glory days of 'staying up all night' with Elvis Presley in Las Vegas a day before dining with the icon's widow Priscilla.
[EER Adds: It seems that more and more the media are billing Priscilla as Elvis' Widow, and not his EX-Wife. One source says that is what the media are being instructed to call her
and more and more interviewers are being encouraged to steer clear of the divorce subject?]

Sir Tom Jones, 78, had his first performance on the road in San Jose, California on Thursday in front of an adoring crowd.

At one point during the show, Jones took time out as he fondly recalled times of hanging out with Elvis in Las Vegas, saying the two would sometimes stay up all night listening to
music. The very next night, Jones was seen dining with the King of Rock 'n' Roll's widow [EER Adds: EX-WIFE] Priscilla Presley, 73, at celebrity hotspot in Los Angeles (pictured).

Back to his concert on Thursday night, Jones reminisced about his nights with Elvis in Las Vegas, saying they would sometimes stay up all night! Jones told the crowd: 'You know,
when I was singing a lot in Las Vegas sometimes I would be there at the same time as Elvis Presley.

'Sometimes we would stay up all night". Jones said. 'Elvis loved to sing gospel songs, I loved to listen to him and learn.'

Jones has previously spoken about growing up in Wales vowing to friends: 'I'll meet Elvis one day'.

The pair first met on the lot of Paramount Studios in 1965 (pictured top left) and became good friends.

On Friday night, Jones dined with Priscilla at Catch, joined by Alana Stewart, Alex Hamilton and weatherman Kyle Hunter.

Originating Source - Daily Mail

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