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Popular UK based performer, Colin Paul is currently working on a new online documentary which will focus on how the Worlds media reacted to the Death of Elvis and the aftermath
that followed.

The miss information about whether drugs were involved, the initial lies told about him being found in the bedroom, the touts who were out on the streets just hours after Elvis
passed selling merchandise. The record store's all over the states and the UK selling out of his record's and all tied together with news footage of the time, some much clearer than
we've seen before and even a little not shown since that day.

Featuring original News Broadcast from around the USA, the UK and some various European reports, there will also be interviews with those who were there as it happened, giving
some recent interviews, plus some taken direct from that fateful day.

The first half of the documentary concentrates on media reactions from the USA, while the second half will give fans a look at the UK's reaction. Colin Paul told us, "I have some
interviews with some of those close to Elvis, kindly supplied by my good friend Carey Rayburn in Memphis which will be intertwined with archive footage. It's coming along nicely, I
wanted to put things all together so those that were not around at the time can see just how his death effected us all and still does today."

The documentary '42@42' is scheduled to be released on the 42nd Anniversary of Elvis' passing, August 16th 2019 via Youtube FREE to fans Worldwide.  

More details as and when available

Originating Source - Colin Paul

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