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Graceland officials have confirmed that the home of Elvis Presley will not be leaving Memphis. But a second, albeit smaller, estate could be in the works. This one would be
made of plastic.

A concept has been submitted to the LEGO IDEAS forum for a LEGO Graceland. If the proposed kit gets enough public support, it might become a reality. The official Elvis
Presley Twitter account posted about the proposal Wednesday, urging fans of The King to show their support for the idea.

LEGO user Jimmi Jakobsen, who goes by Jimmi-DK on the site, proposed the Graceland idea on the toy company's website in August and gathered 100 supporters within 60
days, giving the set a year to try to get to 1,000 supporters. It will eventually have to gain 10,000 and pass a LEGO review before ending up in a toy store near you.

Jakobsen, who lives in Denmark, has never visited Graceland, but said he thought it could make a cool kit.

"I’m a fan of Elvis, so I thought Graceland would be (a) great LEGO set,” Jakobsen said in a Twitter message. “I think LEGO is a fun way to create new ideas that haven’t been
done before.”

Elvis is popular among Danes, Jakobsen confirmed. His favorite song is “Suspicious Minds.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Graceland idea had more than 580 supporters and 190 days to get the necessary 1000 supporters to move onto the next step.

If it becomes a reality, the 3,000-brick kit would produce a mini Graceland standing about 10 inches tall, 14 inches wide and 21 inches long. In the description of the kit,
Jakobsen gave a brief history of Graceland and touted the fact that it is the second-most visited home in the United States, after the White House.

“With this LEGO model of Graceland, I wanted to capture the look of the house. It's open in the back for better playability,” he wrote on the LEGO site. “The set includes a mini
figure of Elvis Presley with guitar and microphone. There's also a piano inside the house among other things.”

According to his profile, Jakobsen has submitted 13 LEGO ideas including Graceland, the Mona Lisa, the Sojourner Mars Rover and KITT from "Knight Rider.".

Originating Source - Corinne S Kennedy  Memphis Commercial Appeal

ELVIS EXPRESS RADIO SAYS: I have great Childhood memories of the time my Dad built me a fantastic model of Graceland out of Lego. I remember playing with it for
hours after school and the weekend with my latest Elvis LP spinning around on the record player. Dad didn't just make me my own Lego Graceland, there was the driveway,
trees, meditation Garden and I loved it.  Perhaps Dad should have copyrighted the whole Lego Graceland design.  

I know two things... I wish I had photo's of my super cool Graceland Lego home and I wish my spotty older Sister hadn't "accidentally" broken my Dads work of art.   But hey,
never did find out how my Sisters precious 45 RPM Single of 'Green Door' by her ever so special Shakin Stevens got snapped???????????????

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