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Below is a short article from the Cars Guide site, an Australian site which bring us news of a discovery of several cars having once belonged to Elvis and also Jerry Lee Lewis.

Have a read of the article and we'll have a few comments after...

While barn find videos aren’t anything new, finding a stash of cars owned by Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis, two of the mid-20th Century’s biggest stars, is mind-blowing in this
day and age.

Not every car in this collection was owned by the man with Blue Suede Shoes or who felt Great Balls of Fire, but that doesn’t make this collection any less cool.

Elvis Presley became known as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll thanks to flashy jump suits, a lavish lifestyle, and a thirst for massive American luxury vehicles.

He owned hundreds of cars, many of which were land yachts from Cadillac and Lincoln, but such was his wealth that he also gave away many of his cars to friends, family, and the
odd stranger.

Possibly the strangest car is the George Barris-built 1969 Lincoln Mark III Continental “Hound Dog” car featuring crushed diamonds in the paint, bullet-proof tyres, gold lame, and
many other luxury modifications.

You'll see a few more vehicles in the video but we'd like to put a huge ? over the 1969 "Hound Dog" car by George Barris. We all know that other OTT car Barris claimed was Elvis',
this one, while much more toned down, still screams TOO MUCH! EP initials on all 4 hubcaps on the bullet proof tired, gold lame trim, crushed diamonds in the paint etc! etc! etc!

But that huge tacky Hound Dog hood ornament, the original being 24 karat gold is just too much indeed. What do you think?

Watch the 28 min video at the link below

Originating Source: The Cars Guide
(Left) 1946 Ford owned by Vernon. Did it bring the Presley's to Memphis?  (Middle/Right)  The "Hound Dog Car", another George Barris customisation claiming to been made for Elvis?