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Priscilla Presley has responded to reports that have claimed that the former wife of the late Elvis Presley has planned her own funeral and has recently made all the appropriate
instructions to be buried at Graceland next to Elvis.

Priscilla Presley posted on Thursday via her personal Twitter account that the recent reports regarding her funeral plans are completely bogus and in fact, she has no plans what-
so-ever to be buried next to Elvis.

Recent Radar Online posts stated that Priscilla, 73, reached out to Graceland’s trustees and all the plans were finalized revealing that the final resting place plans were a done deal.

However, Priscilla is calling this total BS and feels she has a lot of living to do yet. As previously reported Priscilla Presley’s 2019 total net worth is somewhere around $100 million
while her and Elvis‘ only daughter Lisa Marie Presley is next to nothing.

A lot of Elvis’ dedicated fans have been pretty upset by the financial circumstances concerning Lisa Marie and all the legal and personal battles she has been undergoing for the
past few years following her divorce proceedings from her fourth husband Michael Lockwood.

They reportedly believe that Elvis’ baby girl should in no way be suffering financially while ex-wife Priscilla Presley continues to rake in a massive yearly income all of these years
later riding on her famous husband’s namesake.

Originating Source: Hollywood News