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SONY Statement:
"Contains ALL KNOWN recordings/rehearsals from the RCA vaults and from original NBC-TV videotapes"

These long awaited brand new transfers to Blu-ray turn out to be nothing more than a clear cut copy of the 14 year old digital masters used for the 2004, 3 DVD release entitled the
'68 Comeback Special Deluxe Edition DVD', complete with all the same errors.

The Performance of
"It Hurts Me" is completely missing from the Guitar Man production on the originally broadcast (adapted) version.

Disc 2 features out-takes of
'It Hurts Me', which states: "Guitar Man Production Number - All Takes and raw components". This is untrue as there are three takes missing!

During the performance of
"Saved", the 'cuss and fuss' line has been completely edited out.

The performance of
"If I Can Dream" has no applause at the end.

"A Little Less Conversation" is listed on the credits, but it's not on included on the set, and neither should it be.

The Audio:
At this time, we have not been able to delve into the 5 discs in great detail, BUT what is noticeable is "Nothingville (take 1)" is NOT included on this set but is available
elsewhere via BMG/ Sony releases.

The audio intros to the songs during the sit-Down shows are deleted on the CDs, but they have been previously released on the "TIGER MAN" CD in 1998.

These same edits are on the alleged 'complete' 68 comeback 4 CD set from 2008, so making the audio disc in the 50th Anniversary set just another lift from previously released
product by the record company.

For the complete
unedited shows you need the previously released CD albums "TIGER MAN" (1998) and "MEMORIES" (1998).

You also need "MEMORIES" (1998) if you want the 'live vocal' to the backing track of IF I CAN DREAM as used in the actual TV special because that's
not on this set either..

This set does NOT contain "ALL KNOWN" recordings of audio and visual material as they falsely claim/advertise. And for such a premium priced product of around £100, this is a
REAL insult to the legacy of Elvis and to the fans who buy their products.

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(Thanks to Tony "The News Hound-Dog" Stuchbury for researching the new 50th Anniversary set)