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Check out the Spa Guy's video from Elvis Week 2018

September 01,  2018   -   Tony "EER NEWS HOUND-DOG" Stuchbury   /   Elvis Express Radio
For 41 years, Elvis fans from around the world have made the journey to Memphis, Tennessee to converge on Graceland for the annual candle light "vigil" service.

At last years event, marking the 40th Anniversary of Elvis' passing, the rulers of the Kingdom decided to move the goal posts by not only charging fans for practically everything,
including things that have been FREE for many years. But the thing that caused the biggest upset was the new "property Tax", in other words, EPE had finally found a way to get
money out of the fans in order for them to pay (literally) their respects to Elvis by visiting his grave during the candle light service.

This caused much anger, especially when EPE tried to defend the move by blaming the 2016 "Black Lives Matter" protest, which was absolutely ridiculous.

However, if you take your news from Priscilla, you would be forgiven for thinking the attendance was another huge turn out after the Kings EX seems to have taken a move straight
out of the Donald Trump book of B.S. Below (left) is Priscilla's post in which she states,
"A beautiful and welcoming turnout at ELVIS week again..." and also "There are those
around the world who are continuously awed by the amount of people who show up for the candle light vigil each year"

And then she included a photo showing the sea of fans who had gathered with their candles for this years vigil... Or did she?  Well no, actually she didn't! The photo she used was
not from this year or even last year, in fact the photo used in an attempt to pass of as 2018 was actually taken back in 2014 and used as part of a piece written by Jon Waterhouse
for Elvis Presley's Graceland on August 20, 2014 (see below).
In fact, Jon Waterhouse wrote a piece for EPE this year (several actually), also with Trumpillion style exaggerations like.... After playing the song chosen for the 2018 memorial
theme tune 'Thinking About You'
, "everyone paused for a 16-second moment of silence, a reference to August 16, 1977. Remarkably, a hush grew over the MASSIVE crowd",
along with
"Thousands participate in the traditional graveside visit on the eve of the anniversary of Elvis’ death. Last night, 41 years after Elvis Presley’s passing, the tradition
.  So, by all accounts, the MASSIVE crowds and Thousands of fans is a rather inflated description. The comment that the procession lasts until the early hours is of
course true, but this year the whole process was reported to have been finished by midnight with and the Graceland gates closed and all packed away by 02:00am.

In a video from the excellent 'SPA GUY' he captures the REAL scene at Graceland for the candle light service in 2018 which you can see accurately in these images from his
footage below. As you can see with the first image, all is quite as Spa Guy turns out of Dolan Drive to be met with the security/police cordon and literally nobody around.

Actually, as the footage goes on we do see a few fans gathered around by the gate, but the emptiness is truly vast. During some interviews with fans we hear from a couple who
have attended Elvis Week for the last 11 years and they testify that 2018 is the lowest attendance in all the years they had been going.

While some may argue that this year was always going to be quieter after the big 40th Anniversary last year, and that is indeed true to a point, the fact is that 2018 is the lowest
attendance in 41 years not because the Elvis phenomenon is waning or the fans are dying out, it's because the fans, the people who love and respect Elvis Presley or to use a
term they may just understand, their customer base have been priced out of their own market. And we at EER hope EPE wake up to this situation before they damage their own
business beyond their wildest nightmares.

Watch the Candle Light Ceremony video by Spa Guy below these images taken from the footage...