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After hearing the entire new album all I can say is this is by far the best remix/remake/revamp album that Sony has ever released on Elvis!
The musical backing and arrangements are as modern as you can get. Although the organ on a couple of the tracks perhaps could of been left out
It kind of sounds like new age gospel so here is my unbiased review track by track.

I've Got Confidence
A black gospel sound, just like Elvis heared when growing up only with a modern feel. Great track to open the album with and I love it. This will get lots of play's

Where No One Stands Alone (Duet with Lisa Marie)
Just beautiful and very moving, Sounds so much better and full on the cd, Lisa sounds great too, a very nice duet.

Again this also sounds much better on CD. Very powerful beat and Elvis sounds much clearer too, but that bloody organ in the break, would of preferred a nice deep guitar Sound.
But hey just my opinion. Still love this version though.

Crying In The Chapel
Always loved this song but the new version brings out much more . The New backing is gentle but strong , I Love it !

So High
Fantastic and very energetic remake with added music break to extend this short song. Backup singers sound much better on this new version too, Excellent.

Stand By Me
I've always loved the original but this new version is much better and very modern as if it was recorded yesterday, but so do alot of tracks on this album.

Bosom Of Abraham
A very energetic track, with a never before heard outtake to my ears. Elvis sings more soulful and bluesy on this. Cissy Houston sings Backup.

How Great Thou Art
Absolutely love this new version! A nice newly thought out Arrangement some great drums on the then sings my soul part. Very well done.

I John
Another track that is extended and has female vocals instead of the male vocals on the original. Very funky and soulful.

You'll Never Walk Alone
Always loved the original but i gotta say this new version deserves recognition too. A Very beautiful arrangement.

He Touched Me
This new version and take is stunning. Very powerful lyrics and sound, excellent stuff.

In The Garden
Another beautiful arrangement and Elvis sounding fantastic as always. A song I don't really play that often but this will get lots of play's as will the whole album.

He Is My Everything
Another song I never really play much but this version is way better, No high backing vocals singing alongside Elvis. Just Very contemporary and very cool.

Amazing Grace
Another new take to my ears. Very bluesy but better vocally. Love this and a great track to end this bloody good album!

The fans will always be able to hear the originals but for me this is my new go-to for Elvis gospel. If this album is any indication of what's yet to come in the near future concerning
new Elvis albums then bring it on x

Thank you Lisa Marie, Andy Childs, Joel Weinshanker and all involved, Simply Excellent. Elvis is back in the building.

Go and buy it, I promise you'll love it ... You can Buy your own copy by clicking on banner below
August 13,  2018   -   Colin Paul  /   Elvis Express Radio