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May 10,  2018   -   Elvis Express Radio
Elvis fan Dave Rogers has opened an online petition via change.org asking the U.S.television network NBC network to give a special airing of it's historic 'ELVIS' television special in
it's unedited form in celebration of the ground-breaking specials 50th anniversary.

Below is the description behind the petition...
On December 3, 1968, NBC aired what has since become known as Elvis Presley's '68 Comeback Special which was not only the most watched TV special that year, but also the
catalyst for a rebirth in Elvis' career and the motivating factor in his decision to return to performing in front of live audiences again after several years of making movies in Hollywood.

We are petitioning NBC to replay the unedited version of this special on the 50th Anniversary next December 3, 2018, in the same time slot of 9:00PM EST in honor of this historic
television and cultural event.

This will not only be a great show of respect for the life and legacy of Elvis, but also a true thrill for his millions of fans around the world..

EER Adds: To have NBC Re-air the 1968 TV Special on Monday 3rd December 2018 would indeed be a fitting tribute to this important moment in music history. It would also have
been great to have had NBC produce a new documentary commemorating the making of the TV special which would then be followed by the re-airing of the original unedited show.

We'll see if NBC does anything to mark the Anniversary but to give a helping nudge in the right direction,
sign the petition TODAY

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