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May 05,  2018   -   Elvis Express Radio
OK, here's a quick recap ... Record Store Day 2018 (April 21st), Sony Music release 'Elvis - The King In The Ring' and on RSD.com it states that there will be a limited numbered
edition of just 3000 copies.

RSD comes and by the end of the day it becomes very clear to us here at EER that there is more than 3000 copies as numbers like 3211, 4548, 6999 and even upto 8214 show up
from fans around the World.

EER's News Hound-Dog Tony Stuchbury makes contact with the Entertainment Retailers Association, the group behind Record Store Day to get an answer as to how could there be
these high numbers when they state the album is only 3000 units?

Well to cut a long story short (read the full story
here) we were officially informed by the RSD organisers that there were actually a total of 8,500 numbered albums Worldwide with
3000 allocated to the USA leaving 5,500 for the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

So, just when we thought it was pretty much explained, we come across a problem... EER's Lee Dawson had his copy of 'The King In The Ring' delivered, and to our surprise, the
number on this album is 8,823.... Not bad out of 8,500 huh?

How the hell can we have 8,823 out of 8,500? We have no idea, but maybe those people at the Entertainment Retailers Association will know? Below is their official reply.

Beth Perrin
, PA to Chief Executive at Entertainment Retailers Association said this, "We have checked with the label and ‘Overruns’ were made on sleeves to allow for errors, test
pressings and proofs which would lead to higher numbers than simply 0 - 8,500
. There were definitely only 8500 copies released/available".

here you have it. According to the folks at Record Store Day and apparently Sony, they produced extra copies to allow for errors??? test pressings - Ok, maybe 3-4 test pressings
which don't tend to have labels or even covers. And last but not least proofs - i.e. promo copies to send out for promotional use? Sorry but I cannot see Sony sending out
promotional copies of an album so limited (apparently) and only for RSD 2018.

But let's assume these claims are indeed true? And let's assume that our copy (# 8,823) is the highest number produced? That equates to 323 Extra copies produced for the
reasons mentioned. But then again why would Sony produce 323 Extra covers, numbered to be used on these alleged overruns?????

Is it us or does the reason for these 323 extra numbered copies add up to a crock of crap?? - What do you think? Let us know.

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