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April 28,  2018   -   Elvis Express Radio
Record Store Day was launched back in 2008 but the first time Elvis made an appearance was in 2010 with a 7" single reissue of his 1954 debut single That's All Right and Blue
Moon Of Kentucky complete with SUN label and picture sleeve.

Record Store Day (RSD) has seen several enjoyable Elvis releases from SONY (We'll deal with their release shortly), as well as independent record label, 'Memphis Recording
Service' (MRS) who have officially released the following titles through RSD group...
The Complete Louisianna Hayride Archives 1954-1956,  Greatest Live Hits Of The 50s,  
Such A Night In Pearl Harbor,  Elvis On Television 1956-1960 and this year saw the label announce their 5th RSD release, RCA Studio 1 - The New York Sessions.

This release is our first mystery of RSD 2018 - When RSD published the list of this years releases, the MRS title was listed. One of the rules of RSD is that record companies have to
place orders for official RSD stickers. The MRS label did just this, paying for 1000 stickers to be placed on each album.

BUT! With just one week to go before RSD, the MRS label were informed by the RSD organisation that
RCA Studio 1 - The New York Session was now dropped from the official
RSD release line-up.

Now we did cover this issue last week here on EER... You may well recall our News Hound-Dog Tony had been told by a lady named Beth at RSD
"We sometimes do this with
independent record label releases?"
Or a second option of "It could also be something of a copyright issue?" As I think you will agree are both very feeble excuses...the first one is
not really worth a response it's that ridiculous and as for the second one, there is no copyright issue! All royalties are paid to the song writers and is a legal release under the 50
year public domain law.

But now, things have progressed....But before we do, we want to draw your attention to this years SONY/Legacy release
Elvis: The King In The Ring.

WHEN 3000 + 5500 = HUH
Elvis: The King In The Ring is a double red vinyl gatefold release that features both sit-down shows from June 27th 1968 (6pm & 8pm) in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary
of NBC TV's legendary special 'ELVIS' (famously known as The 1968 Comeback Special).

Before we crack on with this whole issue, we must point out that the labels state the albums are in STEREO? But they are not, the recordings on 'The King In The Ring' are Mono.

Listed on the official RSD.com website, this great looking album is stated as being a limited numbered edition pressing of just 3000 copies worldwide. But pretty soon listeners of our
show were letting us know that their copies which they purchased on RSD were numbered ABOVE 3000, numbers from 3211 to 8214 (see images below), but how can this be?

t clearly states on RSD.com that there are just 3000 numbered copies right????

Right then we're now aware of the comical excuses from when Tony contacted RSD and we are also aware that there are certainly more than 3000 copies of The King In The Ring
worldwide, but EER wanted to know more about these issues and our News Hound-Dog Tony made new contact with the folks at RSD in search of more realistic information.

April 21st - From EER's News Hound-Dog
Dear RSD, As a very keen Elvis Presley collector I was happy to grab a copy of the Sony release The King In The Ring. According to your website it’s a limited edition of 3000 but
my copy is number 6999. How can this be? I’m curious to find out what the facts are regarding this release as that just doesn’t make sense.

Also I was looking to grab the Memphis Recording Service LP titled
‘RCA Studio 1 The New York Sessions’ but it was nowhere to be seen. Someone said they heard it had been
pulled but showed me a picture on their phone of a copy they had obtained earlier in the week complete with the RSD sticker affixed. Why wasn’t it available?

April 25th - From Beth @ RSD
Hi Anthony
The worldwide figure for Elvis was 8500
Re The Memphis Recording Service LP, this was a US only release.
Kind Regards

EER Adds... So here we have two new bits of information. Firstly, although the RSD.com site lists the album as being just 3000 numbered copies, they now state there is actually
8500 limited numbered copies worldwide.

As for the MRS album, this has a 3rd reason for being pulled, or not pulled because Beth informs Tony that this album was a U.S. only release which explains why it was not
available to buy in UK RSD listed stores right?  -  Oh hell NO! Tony responded as below, and Beth soon became Megan..

April 25th - From EER's News Hound-Dog
Hi Beth, Thanks for the clarification  on The King In The Ring numbers, appreciate it. So RSD UK had 3,000 of a worldwide issue of 8,500?
I'm somewhat concerned regarding the The Memphis Recording Service LP though. MRS is a UK legal public domain release and is actually not legal in the USA, what you say there
doesn't make any sense at all. Could you check again for me please?

April 26th - From Megan @ RSD
Hi Anthony, Unfortunately I do not have any information on the memphis recording service as it was not an official title in the UK
This may have been available in other territories and if so, you’ll need to contact either the label or the coordinator in the relevant territory for more information.

EER Adds... Right, OK then, communicating with Beth, Tony is told 3 possible stories regarding the MRS RSD release...
              1.  RSD sometimes drop independent record labels at the last minute ?
              2.  It could be a copyright issue ?
              3. The MRS LP was a US only release ?
Then Megan takes over the communications and now, we get a little more regarding the MRS RSD title. Beth said it was a US only release? Which we have already pointed out was
totally incorrect. So now Megan says the MRS album was not an official release in he UK?  WRONG! And that the album may have been available in other territories?  WRONG!

April 26th - From EER's News Hound-Dog
Hi Beth, and hello again Megan
Regarding the Memphis Recording Service release... it was listed on the UK RSD 2018 official page before disappearing, I have a screenshot I saved at home for reference
purposes that I printed off and took out with me while searching for all the releases I wanted last Saturday, so it certainly was an official title in the U.K. at one point. I'd really like to
know what happened to it?

April 26th - From Megan @ RSD
Quite often we have releases that drop off the RSD list after the announcement – this can be for a number of reasons including delays in manufacturing or copyright disputes
between labels. I’m not 100% sure of the situation in this scenario but you are likely to be able to find out more information from the label directly.

April 26th - From EER's News Hound-Dog
Ah....Megan, I think you've hit the nail on the head!
I suspect Sony were not happy with the MRS release. It's totally legal in the U.K. and the EU though, so there shouldn't be any copyright issues at all.
RSD have even released MRS RSD releases in the past so that shouldn't an issue.
I'm confident enough now to work out that the answer is that Sony put pressure on RSD and rather than have all the back and forth that it was just easier for RSD to drop it at the
last minute under pressure from Sony.

I know that labels have to purchase the RSD stickers directly from RSD so that also adds weight to my theory.
MRS would have ordered and paid for the stickers , RSD would have sent them out for use ( at that time it was still on the list )  and that's why they're on the release when it was
distributed out to the stores and therefore too late for them to be removed and refunded.
I work in retail, I understand how these thing go.
Anyway, I have a copy on its way to me and it's even more collectible now. It's the RSD 2018 release that isn't but has the official sticker and a whole history behind it.
You know what us record collectors are like I'm sure?
We love this kind of thing

So that's official then. The MRS RSD release
RCA Studio 1 - The New York Sessions is most likely the first ever officially produced RSD release that was not released on RSD
but came with an official RSD sticker.

Let's get back to the subject of the Sony RSD release, The King In The Ring, RSD officially listed the album as being a limited edition of just 3000, but as we've already established,
there are many fans who have numbers much higher than the 3000 figure. But this has also been answered... well, sort of?

Tony, our News Hound-Dog reports that he has been informed that the 3000 figure was the number that was pressed for the UK, leaving 5500 copies to be pressed and distributed
to the USA and Europe giving us 8500 copies.

BUT, we have another problem! When EER's Lee took delivery of his copy of 'The King In The Ring' the number on the back is.....8823, that's 323 copies OVER the officiially
announced number of 8500.

Tony once again contacts Megan and Beth at RSD with this new evidence of we here at EER having the number 8823.

April 26th - From EER's News Hound-Dog
Dear Megan and Beth, Now I'm really confused !
Further to Beth's email yesterday confirming the numbers on the Elvis The King In The Ring release....
I'm now disappointed to find out that the answer given was incorrect.
A friend has just received his copy and its number 8,823 ! That would be 8,823 of 8,500?
So both my questions still stand.
What's  going on with RSD 2018?
What is the 'official confirmed' limited edition number for the King In The Ring and why was the MRS release pulled ?
My friend actually runs an on line Elvis news site, this scenario will make an interesting story as it will be of great interest to collectors.
May I request the forthcoming reply be accurate and honest please

So far, Tony is yet to receive a reply to this last enquiry from the RSD peeps.

Right, let's cut out the middle men (well, ladies) and go direct to albums producer, Ernst Jorgensen, surely he would know what the hell was going on??? Well apparently not? Ernst
Jorgensen, the producer of
Elvis: The King In The Ring has no idea of the production number. Roger Semon also worked on the album and so we contacted him asking the same
question. At the time of writing we have not yet had a reply regarding this.

Now remember, we've been informed by the ladies at RSD that the UK print run for the King In The Ring was 3000. BUT, that figure is listed on the RSD.com site, the RSD.co.uk site
does not list any number regarding a print run.

So, if as the official US RSD site lists just 3000 copies for the WHOLE OF THE USA and the ladies are correct by saying the UK had 3000 that would leave just 2500 for the rest of
Europe? If not the world?

BUT, one of our listeners who lives in Australia, got a copy of The King In The Ring on RSD and that copy was made in the USA. So how many of the supposed 3000 US copies
would have been sent to other Countries around the World?

Now then, to come to a close, we visited the following official RSD sites CANADA, IRELAND, GERMANY BELGIUM, NETHERLANDS, FRANCE, MEXICO [States 3000], ITALY, SPAIN
We searched their RSD release listings and all had 'The King In The Ring', in fact Mexico even states that the album is a limited numbered edition of 3000? Now, if
we are to take RSD at their word (via their sites and their staff), SONY produced 8500 copies with the following amounts sent to - USA = 3000, UK = 3000, Mexico = 3000 which gives
us 9000 out of 8500 and thats just 3 countries

OK, we know that Mexico wasn't given 3000 copies, we just used that to highlight how ridiculous RSD 2018 has been, in fact it's a bloody insult and a disgraceful way to treat the
fans of Elvis, putting out story ofter story about the MRS release, changing each time we caught them out with their tall tales and then the production quantity of the SONY release,
again changing again and again finishing on 8500 worldwide only for us to get a copy numbered 8823.

the end of the day the FACT are, the figures don't add up and the stories go on changing.

Oh and just to add another little observation made on the journey of RSD 2018 is that upon checking ebay listings (Worldwide) for 'The King In The Ring', I could not find a single
number below the original 3000 copies claimed.

The story rolls on (take a look at the photos below).

Write into us here at EER and share your thoughts on this issue. Fill in our Online Request form or Email in your comments along with your song choice HERE