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April 14,  2018   -   Elvis Express Radio
Next Saturday (21st) is Record Store Day 2018 and as we reported a couple of days ago, that this years release from the Memphis Recording Service, 'RCA Studio 1 - The New
York Sessions' has been dropped by the RSD organisation.

This latest album from M.R.S is (or was) the 5th Record Store Day release from the label, so it is somewhat strange that RSD would drop the release at the last moment for no other
reason other than saying, as told to our news Hound-Dog by a source in the organisation, they do it sometimes with independent labels?

Well, we have received our copy of the album and as you can see from the images above (thanks to Tony Stuchbury) the albums are already distributed to record stores around the
Country and even have the RSD sticker on the cover.

This move by the RSD organisation is strange, especially when you realise that there are 3 other Elvis releases available on Independent record labels being released for RSD 2018.
And what's with the RSD sticker? Do you realise a record label cannot just produce their own RSD stickers? Each label has to pay a fee to RSD who produce the labels and then
send them to the said record label.

In the case of the Memphis Recording Service, they would have signed the contract with RSD, obeyed all the rules, produced the album and paid for 1000 RSD stickers, which were
delivered to the Producer who then manually added the stickers to the album covers and then distribute the album to the record stores that had pre-ordered the album only to then
be informed with just one week to go that the album is no longer part of the RSD releases.

And remember when our News Hound-Dog Tony spoke with a source at RSD and made a comment about
them being put under pressure from outside influences more than just a
policy of, oh we do this sometimes
...The reply was a chuckle!

Could it be that EPE and Sony, don't want the competition, especially as their own RSD release is a show from the 68 TV Special that EPE own the rights on. Could it be EPE putting  
pressure on Sony who then put pressure on RSD
? Let's face it, Sony have never bothered before about independent releases on RSD! In this case, 2+2 usually equals 4.

So, if you are able to get a copy of this excellent album, you will have in your collection a Record Store Day album that is not a Record Store Day album even though the stores that
have ordered copies will be making them available on Record Store Day with albums that will have an official Record Store Day sticker.... What a really strange case.

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