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April 13,  2018   -   Rolling Stone Magazine    /   Elvis Express Radio
A diverse mix of musical artists will be part of an annual festival honoring Tupelo’s most famous son.

This year will mark the 20th anniversary of the “Tupelo Elvis Presley Festival.”  Along with concerts and the competition from Elvis Tribute Artists, free concerts are set for Fairpark.

On Friday night, June eighth, “Muscadine Bloodline”  “Bishop Gunn” and “Memphis Jones” are among the entertainment for the Fairpark stage.

The free concerts at Fairpark feature blues, country and rock, which have all been influenced by Elvis and his music. And on Thursday night, Elvis Tribute Artists will perform free
concerts at Fairpark.

“One of the exciting things about Fairpark is the feel of the location where we are and that is the fact Elvis played here in the 50s, those homecoming concerts and so for those
nights at our festival, to represent that music again, Thursday night, June 7, by tribute artists, but also on Friday night June 8th, to have bands playing music, rock, soul blues , Elvis
was a fan of a lot of those genres,of music,” said Tom Brown,  host of the Elvis Tribute Artist competition and a Tupelo native.

This year’s Tupelo Elvis Festival poster was also unveiled.  It features all of the previous images from the Tupelo festivals.

There are many events for Elvis Fest, including, a 5K, pet parade and more activities. For more information, go to tupeloelvisfestival.com

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