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April 12,  2018   -   Elvis Express Radio
Just in to us here at Elvis Express Radio is the rather strange news that with just over one week to go, the Record Store Day organisers have dropped the 'Memphis Recording
Service' vinyl release,
'RCA Studio 1 - The New York Sessions' from the official 2018 Record Store Day list.

Upon hearing this news, EER's Tony (News Hound-Dog) Stuchbury went looking fort some kind of a official reason behind the decision, and he was able to get a telephone enquiry
and a comment from a source at the RSD 2018 team.

The reason given for the release being dropped from the Record Store Day line up is, according to the source,...
"We sometimes do this with independent record label releases? It
could also be something of a copyright issue?"
What kind of policy is that? The whole copyright issue is null and void, which was pointed out to the source, but the statement that
they sometimes drop independent record labels is somewhat questionable, if not unbelievable!

In reply to this comment, our News Hound-Dog, asked if the French independent record label, VPT, who have 2 Elvis vinyl albums listed for Record Store Day 2018 release (Loving
You and Girls! Girls! Girls!) were also being dropped? The question was met with a little silence, but was answered with "I'm not sure about that?"

Tony then made a comment that he would not be at all surprised if the whole dropping the 'Memphis Recording Service' release was as a result of pressure from SONY? Which was
immediately met with a chuckle from the RSD source.

To which Tony replied, "I think you've answered that one for me?"  

There has been several Elvis releases through Record Store Day on independent record labels over the years, including the 10inch reproduction of Elvis' first personal recording of
'My Happiness' and 'Thats When Your Heartaches Begin' and never before has an Elvis RSD release been dropped on an independent label.

So what about the M.R.S album 'RCA Studio 1 - The New York Sessions'? Well, it will still be released as planned and has already been sent to the distribution company and will still
be available to purchase from various independent record stores across the UK.

Below, we have listed the 4 other RSD releases which includes 3 of the records being released by Independent Record labels!

What do you think? Feel free to have your say and don't forget to request a song for the show.
Memphis Recording Service' RSD 2018 Elvis Title, Dropped For Being
An Independent Record Label Or Was There Pressure From SONY ?
Write into us here at EER and share your thoughts on this issue. Fill in our Online Request form or Email in your comments along with your song choice HERE
The releases for Record Store Day 2018 (Left to Right), 'The King In The Ring' (3000 copies Worldwide) the official Elvis offering from SONY/Legacy.
Re-issues of original RCA album 'Loving You' and 'Girls! Girls! Girls!' (1000 copies each Worldwide) on the French Independent record label 'VPT Records'.
Last but not least, UK Independent label Sleazy Records with their 7" picture disc 'Shake Rattle & Blue Moon' (500 copies Worldwide) ft 'Shake Rattle & Roll' and 'Fool, Fool, Fool' both recorded in 1955.