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April 10,  2018   -   Elvis Express Radio
Priscilla has hit out at the UK tabloid paper, The Mirror for leading the charge on claim that the Kings EX-Wife had confirmed that he had committed suicide on August 16th 1977?

In a post on her Official Facebook page, Priscilla made the following statement ...
FAKE NEWS: for those who want to believe it.
I never said Elvis was depressed and killed himself. My words were totally taken out of context “he knew what he was doing”. This story originated from a tabloid
paper, The Mirror in the UK and was picked up by Daily Mail also from the UK and both outlets credited The Searcher as the source of this fabricated story. Shame
on them! They know what they are doing... trying to sell papers by writing untruths. Thanks to those who see it for what it is: fake news

Although the Mirror along with several newspapers headlined the story as "Elvis Presley deliberately killed himself, says ex-wife Priscilla..." the story plays on an alleged comment
she makes in the new documentary, The Searcher in which she apparently states, "
Elvis knew what he was doing", which is claimed she is referring to his excessive use of
prescription medication. How true this is awaits to be seen!

The "He knew what he was doing" comment simply adds fuel to the claims by the Stanley's that Elvis left a suicide note???

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