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April 06,  2018   -   Coca Cola   /   Elvis Express Radio
Coca-Cola Great Britain is set to unveil our latest marketing campaign on Friday 6 April 2018: We Do. The campaign is a celebration of Coca-Cola Classic, as well as the
uniqueness and specialness of the 132-year-old Coca-Cola Company
‘They don’t make ‘em like they used to. We Do’

Running for four weeks on billboards and adverts nationwide, as well as on social media, the campaign is running with the slogan: “They don’t make ‘em like they used to. We Do.”

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll
Featuring images of icon Elvis Presley, Coca-Cola Great Britain worked with graphic designer Noma Bar and UK design agency Recipe to create the iconic ads, which are
reminiscent of the brand’s historic print ads.

The campaign could also be viewed as a dig at rival brands who have reformulated their products to dodge the sugar tax, which coincidentally takes effect the same day as the
campaign launches.

Simon Harrison, Customer Marketing Director GB at Coca-Cola European Partners, said: “Despite the world changing around it, the brand has maintained the same original recipe
that was created in 1886 and is still loved by many today. The ‘We Do’ campaign is a celebration of a truly remarkable drink that has survived over a century and isn’t going
anywhere soon.”

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