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April 03,  2018   -   NOLA.com    /   Elvis Express Radio
On April 3, 1955, a Louisiana State trooper stopped a pink and white Cadillac on U.S. 171 in Caddo Parish for driving 80 mph in a 60-mph zone. The car was being driven by a
20-year-old from Tennessee - Elvis Presley.

The king of rock and roll was taken into custody and brought to the Caddo Parish Jail, where he posted a bond of $25 and was released, according to a post Tuesday (April 3) on
the State Police Facebook page, which includes a photo of a young Presley and the ostentatious Cadillac.

"One can only imagine he was 'All Shook Up' because of this. Maybe this is where he got the idea for 'Jailhouse Rock,'" the post reads.

According to the Pop History Dig, a website about contemporary culture and popular history, in the mid-1950s, before Presley became a national rock 'n roll star, the Tupelo,
Mississippi-born signer was on the road with his band constantly, performing at various venues primarily in the south.

A day-by-day performance itinerary for Presley and his band in 1955 listed on Pop History Dig puts the musicians at the Municipal Auditorium in Houston on April 2 of that year,
followed by an April 7 performance at the county courthouse in Corinth, Miss.

The band played at the Louisiana Hayride in Shreveport on April 9 and eventually made its way to New Orleans for a May 1 performance at the Municipal Auditorium, according to
the website.

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