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March 27,  2018   -   Blasting News   /   Elvis Express Radio
Priscilla Presley continues making the media rounds promoting the new HBO documentary Elvis Presley: The Searcher, and sharing a few intimate details about her personal life
with Elvis, and his final days along the way. During an interview with the New York Post, Priscilla revealed that their "marriage was very important" to Elvis. Priscilla, 72, was the wife
of The King for six years from 1967-1973, and the mother of his only known child, Lisa Marie Presley.

No-one told Elvis what to do according to Priscilla Presley
"Elvis Presley was very, very respectful to me in every single way,” she said during a lunch this week for HBO’s “Elvis Presley: The Searcher [VIDEO]," according to the New York

She described him as being a moral and religious human being. Despite his wonderful qualities, he also had a darker side; one riddled with drug abuse.

Lisa Marie Presley has nothing left of her father's fortune
Priscilla reveals his drug abuse was very difficult for everyone within his inner circle. It was something that no one could have ever predicted, but something that they all knew about.
She admits that attempts were made by those closest to Elvis to help him with his addiction. However, "You simply did not tell Elvis Presley what to do."

More than four decades have passed since Presley's shocking death at the young age of just 42 and Priscilla's control of Elvis Presley Enterprises. She enjoys traveling the globe
and speaking publicly her version of the truth about Elvis. Many Elvis Presley fans are not very fond of his former wife and feel that she has done nothing since his passing but
attempt to cash in on their brief time together.

However, if it were not for her business mind, Presley's empire would have crumbled to the ground leaving behind nothing for his only daughter, Lisa Marie, but a few dollars and the

The ex-Mrs. Elvis Presley turned EP Enterprises into the thriving, money making bus it is today. However, despite her hard work, it still was not enough to save Lisa Marie from her
own financial issues. As previously reported, Lisa Marie Presley [VIDEO] recently revealed that she was broke and that her father's inheritance money was long gone. Lisa Marie is
currently going thru her fourth divorce and facing a few lawsuits pertaining to her financial devastation.

Priscilla claims the new documentary will reveal some never before seen footage and information about the music icon, but will mostly focus on Elvis' music, revealing information on
his personal influences throughout his career. What are your thoughts on Priscilla Presley's handling of Elvis Presley Enterprises? "Elvis Presley: The Searcher" will air, beginning
on April 14 (USA), exclusively on HBO..

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