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March 24,  2018   -   Elvis Info Net   /   Elvis Express Radio
HBO The Searcher – Radio Special: Sirius Elvis radio featured a recent one hour special about the new HBO Elvis The Searcher documentary.

Director Thom Zimny, Priscilla, Jerry Schilling, David Porter (STAX) and HBO Producer Kary Antholis were all part of the discussion.

While Priscilla tends to dominate the discussion a little too much and makes incorrect statements such as “the documentary goes from Elvis’ start in 1956” there are other interesting
points raised.

Jerry Schilling notes that the work started “over seven years ago” and that they “shopped it around” to various companies before getting to HBO who rightly chose Thom Zimny as
the director.

Zimny makes the most interesting points including why he chose the style he did and discussion about early Beale Street.

David Porter (of STAX) adds some soul and tells a great story of him and Isaac Hayes jamming with Willie Mitchell at a party for Elvis and Priscilla.

Jerry Schilling seems to defend Col Parker a little too much.  (Where’s Marty Lacker for balance?)

Thom Zimny mentions how he discovered Elvis’ childhood bicycle rusting away at Graceland and how it became a metaphor within the documentary - and also notes how The

Searcher is “As close as you can get to the story of Elvis in Elvis’ own words”

A HUGE thank you from us here at Elvis Express Radio to "The Baystar Dude" on the FECC Elvis forum for kindly giving Elvis fans everywhere the chance to listen to the one hour

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