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March 18,  2018   -   Email  /   Elvis Express Radio
Record Store Day 2018 is fast approaching and a new Elvis title has been announced, this time from UK independent label, 'Sleazy Records". The 45rpm vinyl picture disc single
has actually been given a title, being, "Shake Rattle & Blue Moon" and includes 2 tracks, "Shake Rattle & Roll" and "Fool! Fool! Fool!" both recorded at a radio station in 1955.

Sleazy Records Description:
1955 found Elvis Presley very busy because of his new management deal with Bob Neal, playing three shows in West Texas area. San Angelo, Lubbock and Midland, just prior
headdin' to a new performance at The Louisiana Hayride.

It was in Lubbock where Elvis and the boys were invited by DJ Dave Stone of KDAV to promote their show. Elvis, Scotty and Bill agreed and played live two songs, Big Joe Turner’s
big hit 'Shake, Rattle & Roll', which Elvis would record for RCA one year later, and 'Fool, Fool, Fool' from The Clovers, a song that Elvis would never try on record.

Both songs were recorded on acetate by Dave Stone, and now you can find them on this deluxe 7 inch single. Later that evening two young amateurish singers named Buddy Holly
and Waylon Jennings attended to Elvis show and met him backstage. And their music changed forever.

Elvis Presley & The Blue Moon Boys - Shake Rattle & Blue Moon:
1: Shake, Rattle & Roll   
2: Fool, Fool, Fool

Record Store Day 2018 is on April 21st

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