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March 05,  2018   -   Screen Rant   /   Elvis Express Radio
Spoilers for those not caught up on Legends of Tomorrow

Elvis Presley needs protection in the trailer for “Amazing Grace,” the upcoming episode of Legends of Tomorrow. As the season finale quickly approaches, things are coming
together. In the previous episode – “No Country for Old Dads” – the focus may have been on the relationship between Damien and Nora Darhk as they and their hostage Ray
Palmer tried to make Amaya’s totum work for Nora. But the most important part of the story was what Amaya and Zuri learned about the totems and the connection between the
anachronisms and Mallus, as well as the addition of Wally West to the team.

The Darhks may have some totems, but they do not have them all yet. Zuri still has hers and Wally recovered the fire totem from Darhk while saving Ray. Plus there is the
mysterious sixth totem out there somewhere. This means that the bad guys can still be stopped, as long as the Legends get to the last totem first. Meanwhile, the anachronisms still
need to be dealt with, which is why the Legends are going to Memphis.

The CW has released the trailer for the next episode – titled
“Amazing Grace” – where the Legends have to go back to 1954 in order to save the King of Rock, Elvis Presley himself,
from the Darhks. Only once they’re there they discover that all of Memphis is in danger, and that Elvis’ music holds the key.

Legends of Tomorrow has a history – no pun intended – of using the show’s time travel element to allow for the characters to meet a number of famous historical figures. This
season alone has already featured Helen of Troy, Hedy Lamarr, P.T Barnum, and Julius Caesar. Nor will Elvis be the last non-fictional character that the Legends meet this year,
young Barack Obama is set to appear and so is actor and voice of Mallus John Noble – playing himself. The King of Rock and Roll should certainly fit right in.

There’s only five episodes left of the current season, with an awful lot of story to finish up and holes to close – including the new mystery about Agent Sharpe that Rip only just
acknowledged for the first time. And now the Legends have to save Elvis, Memphis, and all of rock and roll from Nora and Damian Darhk – who just told Ray Palmer that he does not
enjoy The Grateful Dead. Whatever it is that Darhk has against good music, he can be sure that the Legends will be there to stop him from killing rock, or whatever other evil plans
he has up his sleeve.

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