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February 19th,  2018   -   Hollywood News Daily   /   Elvis Express Radio
Iconic legend Elvis Presley could of pretty much had his choice of anyone he wanted as his own. However, according to new reports and past history, there was only one woman he
truly loved and that it was not Priscilla Presley. Those close to Elvis Presley all agree, Elvis did adore Priscilla.

But, she was just not the one who he truly loved and considered his soul mate. That title went out to a beautiful red-headed co-star Ann Margret.

Elvis Presley never got over Ann Margaret
The couple first met on the film set of “Viva Las Vegas” and from day one the chemistry was extremely intense. Presley and Margret were just unconsciously drawn to each other.

Ann described her attraction to Elvis as wild and uncontrollable, it was nothing she had ever felt for anyone before. While singing together on “Viva La Vegas” the passion and heat
emerged from both Elvis and Ann.   It was as if they were caught up in their own little world oblivious to others.

Presley’s commitment to Priscilla
It was more than obvious to those around the two on set that they were falling hard for each other. According to NE, Presley pal, Red West once spoke of the chemistry between
Elvis and Ann comparing it to a “house fire.” Presley was in love with Priscilla, but their relationship was different. He saw Priscilla as a girl, someone he wanted to marry and have a
family with.  Someone with whom he had already made a commitment too.

How life for Elvis would had differed
But with Ann, it was something bigger. It was down and out passion and it allegedly broke Elvis’ heart when he and Ann parted ways. After thinking things and seeking advice.
Presley decided it was best if he continued his relationship with Priscilla, for the sake of her, his fans and his career.

It is wondered, had Elvis known just how his married life would go with Priscilla, and he had chosen Ann, where would he be in his life and career today?

According to the tabloid, Elvis allegedly stated he knew he did the right thing by honoring his commitment to Cilla, But he would always truly love Ann and had one thing to look
forward too. Elvis Presley allegedly stated he knew one day (when the time came) he and Ann Margaret would eventually be together for eternity.

What are your thoughts on this, would Elvis had been better off with Ann Margaret or did he make the right choice with Priscilla Presley?

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