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February 16th,  2018   -   Elvis Express Radio
Elvis Week 2017 should have been all about the 40th Anniversary of Elvis' untimely death, but instead it will be remembered as the year fans had to pay for the candlelight vigil and
the year the cost of seeing and enjoying the whole Elvis experience became out of reach for many fans.

One of the things that angered many fans was the introduction of
"Tourism Tax" (aka Elvis Fan Tax), to be charged in addition to State and Local Tax and which fans would find
added to anything they would purchase, from tickets, merchandise, hotel rooms etc.

Then on top of this
"Elvis Fan Tax", EPE introduced a new tax which would be added to anyone booking a room in the new 'Guest House at Graceland' would now have to pay an
"Occupancy Tax", that would be on top of the Room fee, State Tax, Local Tax and Tourism Tax (Fan Tax). So that's 4 Taxes on top of your room price to stay at the Guest House
at Graceland.

4 Taxes are ridiculous, it's like EPE just want to find any reason to milk more money out of the fans. So, what about a 5th Tax?

Today, EER's News Hound-Dog, Tony Stuchbury decided to check out how the prices are looking to book a room at the Guest House. He was quoted $388.01 and noticed there
were FIVE Taxes and Fees listed. Looking at each one, Tony noticed "Resort Fee"... What and when was this introduced to the money list?

Well, ever since January 1st, 2018, EPE initiated a brand new stealth Tax but without actually announcing it out loud. Oh no, they sure as hell announced it, they had to, it's the law
but they chose not to actually tell any fans about this new addition, but they added a little webpage to their site which informs every fan of the new charge......the 5th Tax.

As of January 1, 2018, reservations booked for The Guest house at Graceland will be subject to a
Resort Fee of $9.95, inclusive of tax, per room, per night.

So what is this new
"Resort Fee" for? Well, EPE say the fee will include the following:
Internet access (regular WiFi) each day - Bloody cheek! WiFi access at hotels is complimentary as standard surely?
Domestic phone calls  -  Again, domestic calls are usually complimentary are they not?
Shuttle service to/from Memphis International Airport - This is just getting bloody insulting now, these shuttle services are usually comps for guests anyway!
Shuttle service to Graceland and Elvis Presley Memphis ticket center - WHAT? You mean just across the road from the hotel, wow!
Printing of boarding passes - LOL Amazing?
Secured luggage storage - Hmmmm?
In case you forgot something amenities: toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, razor, etc. - Umm, Walgreens just along EP Blvd.
Business center computer and printer with supplies -  Not too many Elvis fans will be needing this one?
Daily Fitness center access  -  I'm on holiday, not joining a damn gym!

There you go, EPE start 2018 by introducing this 5th assault on the Elvis fans pocket. But hey, at least EPE point out that the
"Resort Fee" is inclusive of TAX which is good to
know that they won't be taxing us on a Tax! Actually, aren't they already doing that?   Oh I give up!

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