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February 12th,  2018   -   Elvis Express Radio
Last week, we reported on a new documentary coming to DVD on April 20th, called 'Elvis The Beginning' - But it's not actually what it claims to be!

The press release told us " Elvis Aaron Presley was the undisputed King of Rock and Roll, but long before he earned his title, he was just another nervous 19 year old kid looking to
make it in the music business. Together with his more worldly and experienced band mates, Scotty Moore and Bill Black, the trio headed out on an unofficial one year tour, driving in
a 4,500 mile loop starting in Memphis and stopping for more than 200 one night stands.

This fascinating documentary looks at the genesis of Elvis Presley's 1954 to 1955 adventures with his band mates (whose first appearance happened at a drug store grand
opening). With seldom heard recordings of Elvis and interviews with guitarist and band mate Scotty Moore, booking agents, song writers, disc jockeys and fans...basically, anyone
who's paths they crossed."

The PR announcement continues;  "You'll experience the raw power and innocence of the man who would become King. The program starts with an Elvis appearance on a KWKH
radio broadcast from October 16, 1954, taken from a Louisiana Hayride performance by the then 19 year old. You travel the same route they traveled, seeing the small clubs, honky
tonks, churches, high schools and other venues they performed at and motels they slept in during this year long odyssey, There are radio promos and even clips of Elvis, who talks
about the stress of touring, doing multiple shows each day, the pressure of day to day life on the road. Emmy award winner Jack Perkins's narration and idiosyncratic style sets the
tone for a thoughtful look back at Elvis' trials and tribulations on the road to stardom."

One of the main selling points for this apparently "new" documentary boasts "This is the
only documentary about Elvis 1954-55 tour"??????  

However, during our last show (February 10th), while talking about this very documentary, Lee spoke about how the title of the documentary wasn't exactly original, but the whole
description of the documentary actually sounded very familiar. Then, upon checking his archives, Lee found that this new upcoming release is in actual fact a RE-RELEASE of a
documentary from 15 years ago.

This was first released on DVD back in 2003 and in actual fact, the back cover is actually word for word the same as the Press Release from S'more Entertainment., so Buyer

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