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February 08th,  2018   -   Elvis Express Radio
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FTD is a superb series of releases that have issued some fantastic albums and books ever since it's initial release back in 1999 with 'Burbank 68', but while we have been getting
some most welcome releases, fans have had to pay out high prices for these FTD CD albums and even higher prices for vinyl and book releases.

The one thing that always gets the customer base fed up is the regular occurrence of errors that turn up on these top priced products, and when the retail prices are around
£22.00 for a CD, £40.00 for an LP and £60 to £70.00 for a book, these irritating errors that continuously crop up just should not happen, plain and simple.

And so we come to the next book from FTD & Flaming Star
'Elvis - Rebel With A Cause' and EER's News Hound-Dog, Tony Stuchbury noticed while looking through the press
release and the tracklisting featured on the CD, it indicates that all the Tupelo interviews were done by Jack Cristil? However, that's not what is historically excepted as being fact,
it's been accepted for some time now that the interviews were actually conducted by Charlie Watts, as can been seen in the above photo of Watts interviewing Elvis in Tupelo.

With this easily researchable FACT, you would not expect this information to be wrong! For a £60.00 book, this easily avoidable....Hiccup does make one worry just what else will be
historically wrong? Let's hope nothing!

EER's Tony did contact the authors regarding this error and offered his assistance by letting them know the correct information but has yet to get a reply back.

One thing we know for sure, 'Elvis Rebel With A Cause 56' is gonna have some fantastic photo's included.

Track listing on CD

ROCK 'N' ROLL No; 2 (Original UK HMV LP)
01. Rip It Up
02. Love Me
03. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
04. Long Tall Sally
05. First In Line
06. Paralyzed
07. So Glad You're Mine
08. Old Shep (Take 5)
09. Ready Teddy
10. Anyplace Is Paradise
11. How's The World Treating You
12. How Do You Think I Feel

The Ed Sullivan Show: September 9, 1956 (previously released on "A Golden Celebration")
13. Don't Be Cruel
14. Elvis talks
15. Love Me Tender
16. Ready Teddy
17. Hound Dog

The Mississippi-Alabama Fair And Dairy Show: September 26, 1956 - Afternoon Show (previously released on "A Golden Celebration" & "Love Me Tender FTD")
18. Heartbreak Hotel
19. Long Tall Sally
20. Presentations
21. I Was The One
22. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
23. Elvis talks
24. I Got A Woman
25. Don't Be Cruel
26. Ready Teddy
27. Love Me Tender
28. Hound Dog
29. Interview with Vernon and Gladys Presley
30. Interview with Nick Adams
31. Interview with Judy Hopper
32. Interview with Elvis

(Interviews conducted by Jack Cristil)  =  EER Disputes this, as history accepts Charlie Watts as being the interviewer