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January 23rd,  2018   -  By: Jim Spiewak for FOX13 News  /  Elvis Express Radio
A judge has given the owners of The Guest House at Graceland a temporary restraining order against Pyramid Tennessee Management, LLC, the company they hired to manage
the hotel.  

The hotel owners claim in a lawsuit, mismanagement by Pyramid has caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses.  

In the suit, Guest House owners allege Pyramid ignored budget objections, found a number of accounting errors that led to in one case a $130,000 loss.  

Pyramid made good on the $130,000 loss.  

The suit alleges one Pyramid hourly employee stole $30,000, which was alleged fraud, the suit claims was discovered by the employee’s credit union.  

The suit said for these reasons, it wants to break the 7-year management agreement.  

An attorney for Pyramid, said on Friday they were blindsided by the restraining order.  

It forces Pyramid to make available all the accounting books, something he said they’re already doing.  

The order still allows for Pyramid employees to work at and manage the property.  

Pyramid has filed to end the restraining order.  

A statement from the Guest House at Graceland, LLC says:

“This is a legal matter pertaining to a dispute with a single vendor, of the hundred plus vendors that the Guest House at Graceland works with regularly. Services will not be

Attorneys for Pyramid said their full story will come out next week when they respond to the order.

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