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January 17th,  2018   -   Blast   /   Elvis Express Radio
Elvis Presley Enterprises is suing two pool companies that worked on the pool at the Guest House at Graceland, claiming they should be held liable for the bacteria that lead to one
visitor dying after a stay there.

A woman named Linda Godsey died on June 21, 2017 after she allegedly contracted Legionnaires’ Disease following a stay at the Guest House at Graceland. Godsey’s widow and
her family sued EPE three months after she passed away.

The lawsuit claimed nine people, including Godsey, contracted the disease from the hot tub and swimming pool at the hotel.

In new court documents obtained by The Blast, EPE has now filed suit against Memphis Pool Supply, who serviced and maintained the pool, and Santa Barbara Control Systems,
who manufactures the equipment that was installed to monitor the bacteria levels in the pool and hot tub.

EPE claims the two parties are at fault, claiming either the equipment failed in some way, or it was not properly monitored or maintained. They want Memphis Pool Supply and Santa
Barbara Control Systems to be held liable for any damages won by Godsey’s family.

Memphis Pool Supply and Santa Barbara Control Systems each responded to EPE’s suit, saying they should not be held liable for the water quality. They also accuse EPE and the
hotel of failing to properly maintain the sprinkler system on the hotel grounds and for failing to make sure the water aerosolized from the sprinkler systems did not enter the pool or
hot tub.

They demand the counter-suit be thrown out and the judge not hold them completely liable for any judgment won.

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