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December 15,  2017   -   Radar Online  /  Elvis Express Radio
Editor - Well, here we go again. Radar Online has made a rather bold claim that before his death, Joe Esposito revealed that Elvis committed suicide, but now they say they can
also provide proof, thanks to a second note which it's owner has apparently guarded... Until now it seems? Let's take a look at their report...

Shocking proof Elvis Presley’s death was a suicide — not an accident — has been discovered by RadarOnline.com, which can reveal The King wrote two heartbreaking suicide
notes before his tragic death!

Elvis’ friend and road manager, Joe Esposito, told Radar, shortly before his own death last year, he discovered one note next to the legend’s lifeless 300-pound body on the day he
died at his Memphis home, Graceland.

Joe told Radar he burned the letter to hide the explosive contents from Elvis’ family and investigators. He also removed addicted Elvis’ stash of prescription painkillers.

“It was better to protect his family and his legacy by hiding everything — the note and his pills,” Joe said, adding that in the letter, Elvis confessed, “losing Priscilla was the greatest
mistake of his life — and he couldn’t recover from the heartache.”

Joe noted Elvis also wrote that he was “embarrassed I can’t kick drugs” and felt “betrayed” by his overweight body. Since Joe broke his silence, a second letter has now surfaced!
That note, written in January 1977 — seven months before Elvis was found slumped in his bathroom — paints a clear picture of a man at the end of his rope.

“I need a long rest,” the legendary singer scribbled. “I’m sick and tired of my life.”

“If it wasn’t for my prayers, I think my life would end. My willpower is almost gone.”

Elvis sent the second message to Billy Miller, a member of the Memphis Mafia, who kept its contents secret — until now!

“The handwritten note appears to be genuine,” said Elvis’ stepbrother
Rick Stanley. “To me, it’s a clear indication that suicide was on his mind.”

Elvis was 42 when his lover, Ginger Alden, found him dead at 2 p.m. on Aug. 16, 1977.

Though his death was reported as a heart attack, it is now clear that Elvis deliberately overdosed to off himself!

Editor -  It's infuriating when someone such as the Stanley's endorse people like Billy Miller making some younger, still learning (or the gullible)  Elvis fans accept and believe their
B.S. claims.

Dear old Billy Miller got on very well with Dee, David and Rick Stanley and 20 years ago, decided to climb on board the Stanley stories of suicide, victim of incest. Miller also makes
claims that Elvis was bisexual and even tells us that Elvis apparently took out a hit on himself. But, he supposedly, called it off after being told that suicide would bar him from
heaven. Miller says that all his claims are documented by 240 notes and letters from Elvis including a 1969 contract between Elvis and Miller that supposedly was witnessed by
Frank Sinatra?

We asked Marty Lacker (one of 2 best men at Elvis' wedding) for his opinion of Billy Miller. Billy Miller is a total con artist who has never had anything to do with Elvis what so ever.
I've talked with the others and no one has ever heard of Billy Miller. This guy ain't for real. He was/is tied in with Dee and Ricky Stanley.

Before his death, Joe Esposito remarked, "This guy is a complete phony."

If you ask Billy Miller why he has no photo's of him and Elvis together? He blames the absence on an ex-wife who, he claims, destroyed them.

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