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December 15,  2017   -   BBC TV  /  Brian Quinn  /  Elvis Express Radio
UK Fans will be treated to a brand new documentary on TV this Christmas period, and the good news is that it really is "new". Instead of the usual skimming over the latter part of his
career, this new BBC programme takes a long overdue look at just how great Elvis was during what many music "experts", the media and the public in general consider to be an
unimportant part of Elvis' legacy.

Program Description
The widely accepted Elvis narrative is that the Vegas period was the nadir of his career, but this film argues that Elvis reached his peak both as a singer and performer in the first
few years of his Vegas period.

He became, in those short years, the greatest performer on earth.

ELVIS: THE REBIRTH OF THE KING tracks this five-year renaissance with some of his key musical and artistic collaborators of the period, including the creator of his most
memorable jump suits, to celebrate the greatest pop reinvention of all time.

What's On?  -  Elvis: The Rebirth Of The King

Where?  -  BBC Four

When?  -  Friday, December 29th 2017

What Time?  -  22:00hrs (10:00pm)

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