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November 17,  2017   -   Local Memphis  /  Elvis Express Radio
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Over the years, there have been several celebrities who have been special guests of EPE to turn on the famous Graceland lights. There's been Trisha Yearwood, John Stamos,
Charles "Chip" Esten (Deacon from TV show, Nashville), T.G. Sheppard, Lauren Alaina (American Idol) etc. 2017 was a little more on the budget side as the celebrity wheeled out
this year was none other than GK himself, George Klein. Below is the report...

The holidays have officially arrived at the home of the King of Rock-n-Roll. On Thursday Elvis Presley's home was lit up for all to enjoy.
"It really looks like we're going back in time," said Elvis' longtime friend and radio disc jockey, George Klein. "Elvis really loved Christmas. It was his favorite holiday.
Klein told Local 24 he remembered lighting up the Whitehaven home with Elvis for the very first time in 1957.
"We used a broomstick as part of the light switch," he said.
Since then the tradition has grown and attracted people from all over the world.
"We're visiting from Wales," said Doreen Fish. "It's really beautiful."
The mansion lighting has become somewhat of a tradition for other, including Arthur Coffee.
"I remember a time when they had the Christmas lights come on and they didn't have a ceremony," said Coffee. "They just turned them on and that was it. Now since Elvis' passing,
they have the ceremony and it's a real special occasion."
The extensive Christmas display at Elvis' home includes hundreds of blue lights along the driveway, a life-size Nativity scene, Santa and his sleigh, and much more. Elvis Presley
Enterprises told Local 24 the items were all originally displayed at Graceland by Elvis and the Presley family. 
The interiors of Graceland mansion are also decorated for the holidays featuring the Presley family's Christmas décor. Seasonal holiday tours will continue through Elvis' birthday
celebration in January. 
Included in these tours will be be his traditional red velvet drapes as well as Presley family Christmas artifacts on display around several decorated trees throughout the home.

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