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November 16,  2017   -   Commercial Appeal   /   WREG Memphis   /  Elvis Express Radio
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Divorce papers signed by Elvis Presley and his ex-wife Priscilla have sold for £20,000 at auction.

The papers include details of the divorce after the couple, who married in 1967, started living apart in 1972.

As part of the settlement, Elvis signed over to Priscilla his 1971 Mercedes Benz, 1969 Cadillac Eldorado, Harley-Davidson motorbike and $100,000.

The papers were sold to a phone bidder from USA at the Henry Aldridge Auctioneers in Devizes.

Auctioneer Andrew Aldridge said the 12 papers were a "fabulous piece of show business history".

Mr Aldridge said: "These are exceptional examples of Elvis's signature, being both bold and large.

"It is extremely rare to have Elvis sign in his full name, Elvis Aaron Presley, and also Aaron with two AAs, as it was written on his tombstone.

"Each of the 12 pages contains fascinating details and offers the reader a snapshot into the details involved between both parties that only legal documents can give.

"This document offers a collector the chance to own something from one of the most important episodes in Elvis's life."

He said the person selling the items was a collector from USA and had chosen the Wiltshire auction house after seeing the company's previous sales of Elvis material reported in US

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