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November 12,  2017   -   Elvis Express Radio
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Well the big day is upon us and time will tell if our efforts to get the word out regarding the not so authentic Elvis items being offered for sale through GWS Auctions by Bill Kinard
and who knows who else?

Success 1  -  [Lot # ?]  Aloha Jumpsuit  -  EER proved this to be FAKE
Success 2  -  [Lot # 3]  Wooden Tupelo Home  -  EER show that all claims by Charlene Presley & Kinard are HIGHLY questionable (NO SALE)
Success 3  -  [Lot # 5]  Pink & Black  Cadillac  -  EER proved there is NO HISTORY that Elvis ever owned this car  (NO SALE)

We cannot be happier to get total confirmation that the Kinard Home and Kinards Cadillac have not sold. We've been successful to date preventing Kinard from passing on his
various items of crap and we will continue to do so if he decides to try out yet another auction house to try to sell his FAKE Aloha suit, his Cadillac that has absolutely no evidence
what so ever that Elvis even even looked at it, let alone owned it. And of course, the wooden house which just like the Caddy, has no evidence at all PLUS, the star witness has told
2 totally different tales....on film, regarding the year it was moved.

Although we prevented these big ticket items from selling, we do believe Kinard had a few other items in this auction that were just ridiculous and in fact SHOCKING that an auction
house would even give them the time of day, let alone put them up and promote them?  

LOT 42A  -  The Poster That NEVER WAS! The usual MOCK Yellow concert poster for  Aug. 21, 1977 never existed. The Est: $1,000 - $2,000  -  SOLD FOR $400
LOT 43B  -  B/W photocopy of  Marriage Certificate.  Est: $1,500 - $2,000  -   SOLD FOR $80
LOT 43E  -  Totally Fake Elvis Autograph on photo from It Happened At The Worlds Fair.  Est: Est: $2,500 - $5,000  -  SOLD FOR $400
LOT 51    -  Ridiculous claim of cashbox key belonging to Elvis as a child in Tupelo, given to a childhood friend??? Est: $5,000 - $7,000  -  SOLD FOR $180

We made GWS Auctions and their legal representative fully aware of our findings and were more then ready to work with them and reveal all we had found to disprove the claims
that ALL these items listed on this page were NOT what they were claimed to be. We left phone messages and email communications in order to best advise GWS Auction and to
help prevent passing on FALSE items to their customers.

SADLY, our attempts to pass on our information to GWS and their lawyer led to our calls and emails being ignored for 2 weeks in the lead up to this auction, resulting, in our opinion
and information, to customers at the November 11th auction paying out money for several items worth nothing in reality.

Read The FULL Kinard/GWS Auction Investigation,
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