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November 07,  2017   -  The SUN  /   Elvis Express Radio
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Well here's a bit of light comic relief for us all. The UK tabloid newspaper, The SUN has printed more than it's fair share of crazy, stupid stories over the years and here's just one
more to add to the long list.  

We all know the lyrics - "Saw the ghost of Elvis, down on Union avenue" (Walking in Memphis). Well according to some fella in Scotland, he's seen the ghost of Elvis on a roof in
Dundee?  It takes all sorts I guess. I mean, how can that be Elvis' ghost? Isn't he alive and well and living disguised as an Elvis IMPersonator?

Anyhow, here's the "story"

A GRANDFATHER says he snapped the ghost of Elvis Presley perched on the roof of a neighbour’s house.

Murray McHardy, 57, was getting ready for his shift as a taxi driver when he spotted the apparition from his bedroom.

"I posted the picture last Wednesday and I am still having people message me about it. Some people believe it is fake and that I have edited it.

"I haven't, it is there and you can see it with your eyes. It's just a bit of fun really. It's just all about perception.

“I showed it to my wife and she could see it too. I can't believe I have only just noticed it.

"It is just all about perception and what individuals perceive.

Elvis is still referred to as the king of rock and roll 40 years after his death in 1977 and has estimated record sales of more than One Billion worldwide.

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