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October 30,  2017   -   Fox News /  Elvis Express Radio
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Back in 1964, Raquel Welch had the chance to work with her teenage crush, Elvis Presley in the Paramount Pictures musical rom-com 'Roustabout'. However, Welch was surprised
by the singer when she met him on set.

“I first saw him when I was 14 in a concert performance in San Diego, along with a whole bunch of screaming teenagers," explained Welch. "He was pretty irresistible. I was just all a
flutter as a young girl. But when I finally did meet him [on set], he just didn’t look the same. It looked like they cleaned him up.

"It was like white bread or something. It was not at all his kind of sassiness that he exhibited on stage. The way he wore his hair, the kind of clothes he wore, the way he moved. It
was just all very polite now… What happened to the rebellious, sexy guy? I was so in love with him as a teenager.”

Welch would later see Presley again in Las Vegas, where he underwent another transformation.

“He was now wearing a lot of studded jumpsuits,” recalled Welch. “That was not the Elvis I was crazy about. He still sounded like Elvis, but there was such a difference about it. He
didn’t sound like he was 100 percent. It was more like he was doing it for all his fans. He enjoyed the adulation, obviously. But it didn’t seem to me like his involvement in the earlier
part of his career was there. He didn’t have the passion anymore. He just performed a tremendous amount.”

Presley died in 1977 at age 42. Welch wondered if his non-stop performing schedule contributed to his early demise.

“They just had him on a treadmill all the time, repeating every wonderful thing that he did,” she said. “And you could tell it was not fun for him anymore. It was a sad, sad thing that
happened to him... I just think he was a nice Southern boy.”

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