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October 10,  2017   -   Brian Quinn  /   Elvis Express Radio
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With the release of Liam Gallagher's new album already selling over 60,000 units in the first couple of days and it being expected to sell well in excess of 100,000 by the end of the
week. This album has sold to date, more than the total sales of the next 46 albums put together.

As a result of this and the ridiculously early release date of October 6th, the chances of Elvis & the Royal Philharmonic making it 3 number 1's in row are non-existent.

You have to ask, who's dumb-ass idea was it to release 'Christmas', not only at the same time as the Gallagher album? But release it so early? I really would have thought the
release would have been used to coincide with the interest of the upcoming tour etc.

It's obvious that SONY/Music know only too well that
'CHRISTMAS: Elvis with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra' will be pretty much a non-seller by mid January and for this
reason it's likely that this is why they have released the standard edition of the album so early, in order to get 3 months sales to enhance their profits.

Then they follow up with the Deluxe Edition in November and we assume a TV and print media advertising campaign, but with the standard edition already been out for 6 weeks
prior, it's even more unlikely to expect the Deluxe edition to reach the number one.

The way Sony has planned (if you can call it a plan?) this whole release schedule appears to have absolutely no consideration has been given to Elvis’ Legacy or to try and secure
another UK No.1 album, taking him to his 13th UK chart topping album.

Of course, for those
conspiracy theorists out there, there's also the rumour that the "musical establishment" in the UK do not want Elvis to overtake The Beatles held record of 15 UK
No.1 albums. Currently Elvis
stands at 13.

Elvis Presley's UK Number One Albums
13. The Wonder of You [2016]
12. If I Can Dream [2015]
11. Elvis...The King [2007]
10. ELV1S - 30 #1 Hits [2002]
09. Elvis 40 Greatest Hits [1975]
08. From Elvis In Memphis [1969]
07. Pot Luck with Elvis [1962]
06. Blue Hawaii [1961]
05. G.I. Blues [1960]
04. Elvis Is Back [1960]
03. King Creole [1958]
02. Loving You [1957]
01. Rock 'N' Roll (aka Elvis Presley) [1956]

As we spoke about on EER several years ago, wouldn't it be great if Elvis could have his own label, just like Bob Marley does.

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