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October 10,  2017   -   Various  /  Elvis Express Radio
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Apple is reported to have terminated an Elvis Presley biographical series which was to be produced by The Weinstein Company,

Last year (2016), Elvis Presley Enterprises agreed a deal with Weinstein Television to create an 8- to 10-part television series. The terms of the arrangement granted TWC the
music rights and access to Presley's estate, including his Graceland home, his automobiles, clothes and jets, the report said.

The upcoming Elvis series has been cancelled after the news, broken by The New York Times late last week, that longtime Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has been accused of
sexual misconduct by numerous women over the last two decades. It has cost Weinstein his position in charge of The Weinstein Company, and raised all sorts of disturbing
questions about who knew of Weinstein’s behavior, for how long, and whether large swathes of the movie business were complicit in the executive’s misdeeds.

With Weinstein out of his company, there are also questions about what will happen with projects planned for the coming years by the company, which will reportedly change its
name in the wake of its founder’s departure. Now, we know that least one major project to have been produced by Weinstein will not be going forward.

The project, which had been set up but not formally announced, was to consist of a biopic series, with an eye towards being part of a larger anthology.

the deal was originally set up through Apple Music, but Apple plans to now re-engage other bidders who had sought to make it during the original discussions. The Weinstein
Company, while mostly known as a movie studio, produced a large array of TV series, including Project Runway and Scream, with several others in the works; TWC had already
announced that Weinstein’s name would be removed from the credits of future TV projects.

The news about the Elvis series shows that things in Hollywood are going to change rather quickly with Weinstein out of the picture. They also represent a blow to Apple, which is
gearing up to challenge Netflix and Amazon for supremacy in the streaming video space, as well as the legacy of Presley, whose career has never been the subject of a major biopic
– despite some false starts – and is somewhat due for a cultural revival.

Canceling Weinstein-associated projects, of course, is the easy part. Whether the industry can learn more profound, human lessons from the scandal, and prevent such terrible
things from happening in the future, is another question altogether.

Stay tuned here for more news on a new home for the Elvis project.

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