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We're less than a year and a half away from hitting 2019, the year that the 1982 sci-fi classic Blade Runner took place. Needless to say that the world of Ridley Scott's cinematic
adaptation of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sleep looks a lot different than our world, but there are a few similarities.

OK, so we don't have androids or flying cars (yet), but the Blade Runner reality does share some of our pop culture. For example, evidently Elvis Presley is still vwry popular in this
reality, as he'll be seen in Blade Runner 2049 for an extended period of time. According to Joel Weinshanker, an investor who is a majority owner in Elvis Presley Enterprises and
the managing director of Graceland Holdings and Graceland Archives:

The singer, often called the King, is still considered to be one of the most talented singers of all time. Evidently his fame hasn't declined any in the Blade Runner world either,
because he was briefly spotted as a hologram in one of the Blade Runner 2049 trailers. While Joel Weinshanker didn't reveal the exact circumstances of Elvis' cameo to Variety, it
doesn't sound like it will be one of the blink-and-you-miss-it kind. For those of you who didn't catch Elvis' quick appearance in the Blade Runner 2049 preview released this past
May, check out the screenshot above.

You can also see our Elvis Express Radio mock-up of the original soundtrack album where we've had a little fun with the cover art due to Elvis having 2 songs that appear in the
movie and on the album. Those being, "Can't Help Falling In Love" and "Suspicious Minds". Although Elvis Presley made a brief cameo as a holographic performer in Blade Runner
2049’s first trailer, his role in the film is apparently a lot bigger.

“You see Elvis for about three seconds in a trailer, but he’s in it for a lot longer,” the majority owner of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Joel Weinshanker, told Variety in a recent interview.

Though his holographic appearance in the film might make a strong case for it, a hologram tour in real life has not been planned.
“It’s a big ‘if’,” said Weinshanker. “My position is
that you can never create what Elvis had, which is something you can’t put a finger on or describe. It’s like having a computer create a great painting.”
Response to his extended
cameo in the film could always change things.

In a time when holographic entertainment seems like it’s readily available and consumed, it makes sense that legends would be brought back from the dead for a constant hurrah.
It’d be odd if Elvis Presley is the only famous figure that the future still holds onto, but for the King of Rock and Roll, it wouldn’t be that surprising.

But what could this mean for Blade Runner 2049? Some of the trailers have indicated that Ryan Gosling’s Officer K can play the piano. In the original Blade Runner, Rick Deckard
could play the piano. Will Gosling, Ford and holographic Elvis have a jam session at some point?

Fans can only hope.

Then on the FECC forum, one fan 'dannyboy1' wrote the following regarding Elvis' involvement in
'Blade Runner 2049'
Elvis is wearing the Concha suit and visually is based on TTWII. Elvis first appears in a scene of some tension for Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling's characters. For the entire
scene, the holograms and their sound are cutting in and out, so you don't see or hear anything for any more than a few seconds at a time.

You first see Elvis from a distance, and I'm guessing this was a lookalike under lights. But if someone told me it was a complete digital image I wouldn't be surprised. Elvis is just
getting to the bridge of
"Suspicious Minds" and swooping down onto one knee. Both visual and audio are from TTWII sources although its difficult to say how much was from actual
film and how much was digitally created. Probably some of both. The
"Suspicious Minds" movements are all very good and Elvis looks great. The bridge of "Suspicious Minds"
definitely came from, or was modelled on TTWII-SE where Elvis drops to one knee with that wide swinging arm motion.

Then after some dialogue Elvis is singing
"Can't Help Falling In Love." But although the image is still TTWII, the audio is the 1961 master from Blue Hawaii. The incongruity was
jarring to me. This wasn't how Elvis sang
"Can't Help Falling In Love" on stage. But to those that don't know - no one will be the wiser. So the TTWII Elvis is standing quite still on
stage giving a 1961 rendition of CHFIL. Harrison Ford says
"I like this song" or "I liked this song", I forget which. There was something about Elvis here that reminded me of Aloha.
Maybe the hair or sideburns. Not sure.

But it's all really background to the drama and dialogue of the movie. The audio and visuals are all very cut up in a "power cutting in and out / too much Las Vegas sand in the
machinery" kind of way. And great movie, by the way. A VERY worthy follow-up to the original.

There you have it.....Elvis is most certainly in the building, still!

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