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October 04,  2017   -   Elvis Express Radio
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In a rather important update to Elvis Express Radio's continuing task of doing our very best to prevent the sale of totally FAKE items that are claimed to have been the personal
property of Elvis Presley, we were sent a letter from a lawyer regarding our challenge to the claims that Bill Kinard was submitting to auction, a house which he claimed was built by
Vernon and Vester Presley and was the Childhood home of Elvis and his Mother, Gladys.

This is a relatively new claim from Kinard, but for the last 9 years we have been trying to put a stop to his continued attempts to sell several bogus claims regarding various items
that he, despite admitting being wrong to us in writing, continues to try and pass off as real?

One of the biggest items is what Bill Kinard has, for 9 years, claimed to be one of the 2 American Eagle jumpsuits that Elvis had made for his Aloha From Hawaii TV Special in 1973.
We at EER has NEVER GIVEN UP on this (and other items) knowing beyond any doubt that the jumpsuit Kinard had is nothing more than a REPLICA made for an IMPersonator, who
was on the rather small size. GRACELAND has on several occasions confirmed that they actually OWN both suits.

Now where was I? Oh yes, after our public alerts to these various items once again raising their heads, EER's Lee Dawson and EER's Tony "News Hound-Dog" Stuchbury where
sent a legal letter from a lawyer which we publish below...

October 4, 2017
Elvis Express Radio

Re: Auction of Certain Elvis Presley Memorabilia on Behalf of Bill Kinard

Dear Mr. Dawson:
I represent a company preparing to expose certain items of Elvis Presley memorabilia for
sale at auction.

The auction is scheduled to include certain items from the collection of Bill Kinard.

It has been brought to my attention that you contend certain Elvis Presley related items
owned by Mr. Kinard are, in fact, fakes. It is my understanding, however, that
you have not
personally inspected any of the items
in Mr. Kinard’s collection, and that your claims are largely
based on a generalized understanding of Mr. Presley and his career.

The auction company conducted due diligence in its efforts to verify the provenance of
each item of the Kinard collection included in the auction. Such
verification has come from
Presley family members, as well as friends and associates of Mr. Presley

By contrast, it appears that
your concerns are mere suspicions, that do not provide a basis to
abandon the sale or to reject the authenticity of any of the items in the Kinard collection.

Please be advised that all available information regarding the provenance of Mr. Kinard’s
collection, as well as other Elvis Presley memorabilia included in the auction, will be made
available to potential bidders.

Please also be advised that the Kinard lots include only a small part of the auction, and that
Elvis Presley memorabilia consigned by others will be exposed for sale at the auction.

Unsubstantiated and/or unprovable claims that property exposed for sale at the auction is,
or may be, inauthentic, constitutes slander of title and may be actionable by the sellers and
the auction company
(this may include other sellers who may be tarred with the same brush).

Other causes of action may also exist.

I will review any materials and/or affidavits that you believe support your contentions
regarding the Kinard collection, and share the same with my client. Otherwise,
I would suggest
caution in your public statements
that may affect not just Mr. Kinard and his property, but the
property (and the auction results) of other consignors, or that may reduce public confidence in the

Elvis Express Radio
October 4, 2017

If you have any questions, or if you would care to discuss this matter, please contact me.
George A. Michak
Our 9 year battle against Kinards selling of highly questiuonable Elvis items have been pretty exhaustive, and for this lawyer, who probably knows nothing about Elvis Presley to
state that our
"claims are largely based on a generalized understanding of Mr. Presley and his career" shows he is far from the truth. But in all fairness, this is possibly what he's
been instructed to say by Kinard?

The lawyer also states, "
verification has come from Presley family members, as well as friends and associates of Mr. Presley". As stated in our previous article, we're not
100% certain, but we would not be surprised if the family member will turn out to be Charlene Presley. I met her in 2002 in Tupelo and can confirm that she told me herself that she
never actually met Elvis!

Back to the lawyers comment that our
"claims are largely based on a generalized understanding of Mr. Presley and his career The FACT Lee and Joe have had detailed
communications with Mr Kinard on varying occasions over the years asking questions regarding the items, along with talking with Elvis' famous Memphis Mafia members and others
who were close with Elvis, Oh, and the other FACT that over the years, as fans of Elvis Presley of 40 years or more, we have studied the history of Elvis and EVERYTHING
associated with him.

PLUS, for the last 7 years, EER has run a service called
"FINDING BONUS ELVIS ITEMS" or the F.B.E.I. where we (with the help of world famous collectors & those who knew Elvis)
warn our fellow fans against all those nasty FAKE items out there. We have in the past stopped FAKE items from being sold through various auction houses and even from
Gracelands auctions after successfully proving the specific lots were NOT what the auction house believed it to be.

We must say though, in all the years that we have offered FREE ASSISTANCE, to an auction house in helping to protect their reputations, this is the FIRST TIME we have found
ourselves THREATENED with legal action without the house or PR company hearing us out and working with us to get to the TRUTH!

Anyway, Lee and Tony sent a reply to the 'MICHAK LEGAL', asking various questions and raising some issues....

THEN, while we were being threatened with legally, being accused of not knowing what we are talking about and spreading false claims? The news reports which were running with
the story as sent out in the Press Release (example here from Memphis news channel, WMC Action News 5), had the following headline,
were now changed to "ELVIS PRESLEY ITEMS TO BE AUCTIONED OFF", and that was not the end of the changes.
ment regarding the TRUE story of how many American Eagle jumpsuits were made and how many they themselves own. Listed below:

From: Graceland Archives
Our January 1973 receipt from IC Costume Company is for the two (2) Eagle suits that are currently in the Graceland Archives. One is on display in our Elvis the Entertainer
exhibit here at Graceland, the other is part of another one of our exhibits currently. The jumpsuits are similar in appearance but, once studied, have a few noticeable differences and
you can see them when you watch the Alternate Aloha and the broadcast show which suit was worn when.
Graceland Archives Staff
Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. | Graceland | 3734 Elvis Presley Blvd. | Memphis, TN 38116

THIS is a wonderful thing to have, in order for us to PROVE to the auction company, the PR company and the Lawyer, that from the very start of this, our ONLY intention is to try and
save any unsuspecting fans/buyers from paying big money for FAKE items, and to help prevent the auction house from the embarrassment of being associated with selling these
bogus items.

So, the good news is the lawyer has confirmed to us that,
"This will advise you that the jumpsuit you referenced in your communications will not be included in the auction. As such,
only two items from this seller – the pink Cadillac and the shotgun house – are being exposed for sale at the auction."
 Now, it is good to know that none of the other fake bits from
Kinard (eg; Tour Jacket, Scarf, wine glasses, Blue Suede Shoes gold record etc), are being offered for sale.

This just leaves the issue of what Kinard claims is Elvis Presley's personally owned 1957 Pink and Black Cadillac and the Tupelo home which is described by the lawyer as
respect to the pink Cadillac and the shotgun house, the provenance of the pink Cadillac is
supported by an affidavit by Patsy Anderson Presley, and the provenance of the
shotgun house is
supported by an affidavit by Charlene Presley. Both affidavits will be available for review by potential bidders at the auction".

OK, with the story surrounding the home changed from it's original claim, what's the story now? Below is part of a press release from GWS Auctions...
"property previously owned, built by and lived on by the Presley family comes up for auction On November 11. The 16.5 acre Tupelo property includes Presley's grandparents
shotgun house built by the singer's father Vernon and uncle Vester. Identical - and originally next door - to the city's Elvis museum, it was moved around 1942 from what's now
known as Elvis Presley Birthplace Park across the street to Hankins Street. Elvis played, hunted and swam in the creek on the property. A Presley family member's affidavit affirms
that the young Elvis and his mother Gladys briefly lived in the modest home and she frequently accompanied her son from the house down the hill to Lawhon Elementary School."

When we were first told that verification has come from "Presley family members, as well as friends and associates of Mr. Presley", we had already suspected that the "family
member" would turn out to be Charlene Presley, but we do have to admit that the discovery that Patsy Anderson Presley has verified the Cadillac authentic has in all honesty
shocked the hell out of us. We still stand by our original comments regarding the car and the home, but for the time being we will continue to keep our eyes and ears open and see
what happens next regarding this particular issue.

Updated 07/10/2017
In addition to all the negatives surrounding Mr Kinards claims items that he sells, the funny thing is, and I told him this years ago, if he stopped trying to find that big ticket item
amongst bogus stuff he claims are worth millions, he could have some items that are actually collectible (things like original movie posters etc). But he seems to ignore this and
spend almost a decade fighting against us at EER as we always come along to offer FREE ADVISE to auction houses etc against selling such bogus things.

Bluesmobile = BUSTED
Aloha Jumpsuit = BUSTED
Elvis' Tape Deck from TCB Bus = BUSTED
TCB Tour Jacket = BUSTED
Oh the pile goes on.


Write into us here at EER and share your thoughts on this issue. Fill in our Online Request form or Email in your comments along with your song choice HERE
So what are these other changes? Well, over to the left you will see 2 screen captures of the
news report featured on WMC Action News 5. The original news report and the re-written news
report. We've included both here for you to take a good look at and see exactly what  parts of the
story has changed.

To highlight the sudden changes, here are a few examples...
1st = TUPELO, MS (WMC) - Elvis Presley's childhood home will soon be up for sale,
according to BR Public Relations. The PR firm sent a press release about the auction. The
auction will be held online here November 11 starting at 12 p.m.

2nd = TUPELO, MS (WMC) - A home Elvis Presley spent some of his childhood years in
will soon be up for sale,
according to GWS Auctions. The auction will be held online here
November 11 starting at 12 p.m.
1st =
 It comes from BR Public Relations: Elvis's land and home in Tupelo (known collectively
as Elvis Presley Heights)
will be auctioned off on November 11, along with some other legendary

2nd =  It comes from GWS Auctions: A Tupelo property belonging to Elvis' grandparents
will be auctioned off on November 11, along with some other legendary memorabilia.

SO, while all this chopping and changing was going on regarding the house claims, Lee and Tony
continued seeking even more refutable evidence regarding the items that we knew were going to
be auctioned in November.

Regarding that FAKE Aloha jumpsuit, you know, the one we have been telling Kinard is a replica  
made for some IMPersonator...well, EER's News Hound-Dog, Tony Stuchbury was able to
communicate with the archives at Graceland regarding the matter. Remember, the lawyer told us
that our,
"claims are largely based on a generalized understanding of Mr. Presley and his career"
and that our
"concerns are mere suspicions".

So, on the matter of the Aloha suit. our News Hound-Dog (Tony) contacted Graceland and
informed them as follows....
"It seems one of the Aloha suits is for sale? Of course I know there are
only two and you own them both.One is currently in Memphis and the other still in Vegas..
A certain individual is once again peddling un-truths , the same individual who has tried to auction
this fake before. Would you be prepared to reply with a statement to confirm you own the only two
originals? I'm currently trying to help the auction house put things straight"

We're so pleased to report, Graceland has indeed replied and they have made an official state-
Double Trouble - The original news report from the first press release, alongside the now
altered story which now no longer claims the house was Elvis' Childhood home.