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October 04,  2017   -    Elvis Express Radio
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Did you know, Elvis Presley's childhood home will soon be up for sale?

Well, apparently it will be in November, according to the current owner, Mr Bill Kinard....Yep, he's back again!

The last time Bill Kinard popped up was back in January of this year when he was peddling (again) the FAKE Aloha jumpsuit along with the beautiful pink Cadillac, that while being
beautiful, still has NO EVIDENCE that it ever belonged to Elvis Presley. And then there was all the other stuff he has which he claims are Elvis owned items and which again has
absolutely no credibility.

Elvis Express Radio has been going up against Mr Kinard since 2009, successfully challenging his many attempts to sell off various items over the years which all started back when
he claimed to own "Elvis Presley's TCB Tour Bus" which EER hosts, Lee and Joe not only went on to prove the bus was NEVER Elvis' tour bus, but they also went on to prove Mr
Kinards claims regarding the "Pink 1957 Cadillac", the "Aloha from Hawaii Jumpsuit" and other items which he claimed belonged to Elvis Presley.  Lee also went on to prove beyond
all reasonable doubt that the 'Bluesmobile' which Mr Kinard stated was the original from the Blues Brothers movie was nothing like the original and was a FAKE.

He even opened a museum in Tupelo and employed the help of

But all this debate became totally defunct when in January 2014, EER was sent a very detailed email from Bill Kinard, telling his side of the story, and would go on to write the
following words....

My mistake was having a web site put up and in the excitement telling the world that I was having Elvis' TCB Tour Bus brought to Tupelo, along with Elvis' 1957
Pink & Black Cadillac.

It was an honest mistake as I truly believed from the communications and documents I had the bus belonged to Elvis.

I admit after all this time I was wrong for not listening to Lee Dawson and Joe Krien from Elvis Express Radio that the bus didn't belong to Elvis but to JD Sumner.  

However, when Joe called me out the clear blue, I didn’t know who Joe Krien was nor anything about Lee Dawson and Elvis Express Radio!
I now accept that I was too ready to listen to the false history of the bus and other items claiming to have been the personal property of Elvis Presley.

However, the documents we had, the conversations we had with others and especially conversations with Keith Boswell and the photos he gave us showing it was Elvis'
original tour bus from 1976/77,
I just wouldn't listen to anyone else.  *****

I want to draw your attention to the following sentence's as written by Bill Kinard in his email;
"I admit after all this time I was wrong for not listening to Lee Dawson and Joe
Krien from Elvis Express Radio"
and then we have; "I now accept that I was too ready to listen to the false history of the bus and other items claiming to have been the
personal property of Elvis Presley"

And now here we are once again, after failing to sell the Cadillac, Aloha suit and other odds and sods back in January of this year, Kinard has drawn interest from yet another
auction house in his latest attempt to shift the FAKE Jumpsuit, NON Elvis owned Cadillac and other questionable items. BUT this time round there's a new sales pitch, this time the
Press Release claims ...
Elvis Presley's childhood home will soon be up for sale.

The press release goes on to say,
"Elvis' land and home in Tupelo (known collectively as Elvis Presley Heights) will be auctioned off on November 11, along with some
other legendary memorabilia. The 16.5-acre property includes a house built by his father Vernon and uncle Vester. Elvis and his mother Gladys lived at the home when
Elvis was young"

The wording of this press release makes you immediately think of the Birthplace, but obviously it's not. And again, as with the pink Cadillac etc, there is not one piece of evidence
that this property owned by Bill Kinard has anything to do with Elvis Presley. Oh and In addition to the "home", the 1957 pink Cadillac and that FAKE jewel-encrusted Aloha jumpsuit
which are never far away, will also be auctioned off along with other items, which no doubt will include the FAKE red Elvis In Concert tour jacket, the FAKE red concert scarf, the
FAKE 'Blue Suede Shoes' gold record and other equally questionable items.

In the past, Elvis Express Radio would always contact Bill Kinard when he came out with his "Elvis belongings" and try to help him out because in all fairness, we felt he had been
duped by the previous owners of these items, remember, the original letter of authenticity for the pink Cadillac was produced by the person / company that owned the thing, Hmmm?

So we tried to advise him and help him. Then as we've already reported, the day came when Bill Kinard wrote to us stating he was wrong not to listen to us regarding
"the false
history of the bus and other items claiming to have been the personal property of Elvis Presley"
. But, after this eventual admission, January 2017, Kinard eventually came
back and once again tried to sell his stuff (not including the bus. Thanks to the Courts, Kinard no longer owned that darn bus). This time round Kinard was spouting off that the Pink
Cadillac could fetch upwards of $3 million at auction, but announced that he would happily sell it for $1.2 million. As you do, just throw away 1.8 Million lmao. Kinard was also (as
usual) trying to sell all the other bits with their crazy stories etc.

Happily, none of Kinards ridiculously claimed items sold, every time he pops up to promote and attempt to sell these items, we try our best to find out and warn anyone we can. We
do not like to see any fellow fans being taken for a ride and seeing them paying out for something that is NOT what it is claimed to be.  

Elvis Express Radio has always contacted the source reporting the news and the auction house pointing out the real history behind these claims by Bill Kinard and this time is
nothing new.

BR Public Relations sent out the press release regarding the upcoming auction for the fabled childhood home of Elvis Presley, Cadillac and all the other crap. Our very own News
Hound-Dog, Tony Stuchbury took up the task of contacting BR PR to give them the heads up. What follows are the initial communications between Tony and Diane Blackman,
President of BR Public Relations

From: Tony (EER News Honud-Dog)     To: BR Public Relation
I wish to make you aware that the auction of what is being called Elvis Presleys home that was built by his father and grandfather is no such thing.
May I suggest some basic research on Mr Kinard and his fanciful Elvis stories and items?
You will be responsible for auctioning fake items with false descriptions that are easily able to be confirmed as such.
You might wish to look into Mr Kinards previous history and issues to save your auction house embarrassment?
I can provide links if you so desire.
Our News Hound-Dog was sent an reply from BR PR which was obviously sent to him by mistake.

From: Diane Blackman (BR PR)    To: Tony (EER News Honud-Dog)
Brigitte, let’s discuss please. How he knew I was pitching the day my media alert when out and I began calling is beyond me, but I gather he will be calling the press about this.
You warned me!

So, BR PR states they were warned? Either this Brigette, warned the company against Kinards history, or, BR PR was warned that once this auction is announced, we would soon
contact trying to warn them about the things being sold off? Anyway, it continues... This time, Tony was sent the correct message.
From: Diane Blackman (BR PR)    To: Tony (EER News Honud-Dog)
Hi Anthony, Our certificates of authenticity are by way of sworn written affidavits that have been signed and notarized by members of the Presley family.
What links are you referring to?

Signed and notarized by members of the PRESLEY family. REALLY?  Cannot help but wonder if that family member is Charlene Presley?
Charlene worked for Bill Kinard when he had his short lived, critically slammed 'Presley Heights Museum' a few years back. We certainly look forward to seeing what family "members"
have to say regarding the property, car, jumpsuit etc. As well as Charlene Presley, Bill Kinard has also sort the support from another questionable source by the name of Cricket
Our News Hound-Dog then sent another email to Diane Blackman of BR Public Relations in order to show her and her company that the claims of Bill Kinard are not correct, and to
highlight this, the company has now been made aware that Bill Kinards claim that he owns Elvis' American eagle jumpsuit that he wore during his Aloha From Hawaii TV special in
1973 can easily be disproved, as it has been time and time again by EER. For example...Back in January this year (2017), the UK newspaper, the Daily Mail covered Kinards items
on offer and as a result, a Daily Mail reader made a comment, correctly, that Graceland has BOTH the original Aloha stage suits. But Bill Kinard, who has known this for years, Joe
and I told him and showed him repeatedly, replied with....
"No, the jump suit is not a replica and Graceland only has "one" of the originals on display. The jump suit was authenticated
by Dr. Nick who was with Elvis in Hawaii and said that this suit is genuine as he recognized a stain on the leg. He said, the jump suit is full of Elvis' DNA and for us not to clean it"

So, what did Tony send to BR Public Relations? A message as written by the head of Archives for GRACELAND explaining the history of these famous jumpsuits.

From: Tony (EER News Honud-Dog)    To: Diane Blackman (BR PR)
There are only TWO Aloha suits and Graceland have them both, therefore what Mr Kinard is trying to auction is fake.
Here's what Graceland say:

Answers from Angie Marchese (EPE) sent via e-mail and on their official message board
(edited to just highlight the TRUTH. Diane Blackman of BR PR was sent the uncut version).
The January 1973 receipt you are referring to is for the two (2) suits that are currently on exhibit at Graceland.
The jumpsuits are similar in appearance but, once studied, have a few noticeable differences and you can see them when you watch the Alternate Aloha and the broadcast show
which suit was worn when.

So, in August of 1977, here at Graceland there were two (2) eagle suits, one (1) short cape, one (1) calf length cape and two (2) belts. In 1978, upon the unveiling on the Elvis
statue at the Hilton, Vernon loaned to the Hilton for display one (1) of the suits, the short cape, a belt and a guitar. All of which were displayed there for many years. Upon coming off
exhibit, the items loaned to them by Vernon were then returned to EPE where they have been housed in the archives for several years.

There it is direct from GRACELAND. As we have been saying to Kinard, the media, auction houses etc for the past EIGHT (8) years, the suit is a FAKE, plus it's way to small to ever
have fit Elvis Presley. The whole claim along with everything else is a joke.

We are informing BR Public Relations of this issue because we don't want them to fall for this and to help them protect their own reputation, however, we can only advise them so far,
the final decision is down to them.

Local Memphis station, WMC Action News 5, have also reported on the press release from BR PR and even show a picture of Elvis wearing the American Eagle jumpsuit which is of
course, very misleading. Once again, EER's News Hound-Dog Tony has sent the history of the suit as sent to Diane Blackman, and also points out the following ...
Currently one suit is at Graceland and the other is still at The Westgate in Vegas. A quick call to EPE will confirm that there are only two and that they own them.
It is therefore misleading to show a picture of Elvis wearing one if them in your story because neither of them are in the auction.

That's that for the moment, we will keep you all updated as we get further information regarding the attempt to sell on these bogus items.

Write into us here at EER and share your thoughts on this issue. Fill in our Online Request form or Email in your comments along with your song choice HERE
Bill Kinard is back & claims this house was lived in by Gladys & young Elvis? He also claims it was built by Vernon & Vester Presley? These claims, along with most others  
made by Mr Kinard is ridiculous. Also, Kinard is still trying to tout what he claims was Elvis' suit worn for the 'Aloha From Hawaii' TV special. When he tried to sell this very
same suit in January this year (2017), A Daily Mail reader commented correctly that Graceland has BOTH the original Aloha stage suits. Bill Kinard replied with.... "No, the  
jump suit is not a replica and Graceland only has "one" of the originals on display. The jump suit was authenticated by Dr. Nick who was with Elvis in Hawaii and said that
this suit is genuine as he recognized a stain on the leg. He said, the jump suit is full of Elvis' DNA and for us not to clean it".... Hmmm NOT, pictured you will see Kinard
holding his replica suit, while the TWO authentic American Eagle jumpsuits are shown on display in GRACELAND!