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September 11,  2017   -   Tony [The News Hound-Dog] Stuchbury   /   Elvis Express Radio
Shocking news sent in to us here at E.E.R that an Elvis fan has died as a direct result of contracting Legionnaires’ Disease days after staying at the new multi-million dollar Guest
House at Graceland.

Linda “Gail” Godsey, 62, died on June 21. She and three family members stayed at the Guest House from June 10-13 this year.

EXCUSE ME! Let's look at this news again shall we...

Linda Godsey died of Legionnaires’ on June 21 of this year. June 21st is, believe it or not, eight (8) days BEFORE the Shelby County Health Department made the first official  
announcement that there was an outbreak at the Guest House at Graceland hotel, with three (3) guest being diagnosed with Legionnaires Disease, but there was NO MENTION of
the fact that someone had died from the disease 8 days prior.

As a result of this outbreak, the Shelby County Health Department temporarily closed the pool at the hotel as it investigated. At the time, the Guest House issued the following
"We are working closely and cooperating fully with SCHD. We care deeply about the health and safety of all our guests and employees. Our hotel remains open and fully
operational. By closing our hot tub and pool facilities temporarily, we are taking all proper precautions as SCHD completes its investigation."

Below is as reported by Channel 3 News, WREG Memphis:

The coroner of Breathitt County, Kentucky, confirmed that the medical examiner listed Legionnaires’ as the cause of death on Gail’s autopsy.

Three other family members got sick on the same trip and tell WREG they tested positive for Legionnaires’.

The family filed a lawsuit in Davidson County Circuit Court last Thursday. The lawsuit alleges the Guest House at Graceland didn't properly maintain its water systems, which led to
the Legionnaires' outbreak.

"She loved to adventure into new places and see news things and that was one of the things we decided to do," said Godsey's daughter Chrisandrea.

They picked the hotel based on positive reviews and because it was relatively new, she said.

"There`s a lot of history in that city and then we picked the Elvis Presley Entertainment Center because that was something, you know mom hadn't been there and she was
interested in seeing that."

Photos show the Godsey family enjoying the hotel pool. They also used the hot tub — the same places local health officials were forced to close for a while this summer after a
Legionnaires' outbreak.

Chrisandrea says shortly after their stay, from June 10th through 13th, which fell during the window health officials later investigated, everyone began getting sick.

The Guest House at Graceland opened in October 2016. In June, the hotel closed its aquatics facilities after Health Department officials reportedly traced several cases of the
disease to hotel guests who had used the facility.

Elvis Presley Enterprises has yet to comment on the death of one of their guests and have declined to comment after various media requests.

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