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September 03,  2017   -   Elvis Express Radio
The legacy of Elvis will forever live on in Parkes, with Parkes Shire Council partnering with the Elvis Revival Inc Committee to commission a statue to be permanently displayed in the

Parkes Shire Mayor, Cr Ken Keith OAM described the statue of Elvis as fitting.

"The statue will be a fitting dedication to our hard working Elvis Festival volunteer committee,” he said this week.

"The statue will serve as a lasting legacy and recognition of the wonderful work of those committee members and volunteers who have made the Parkes Elvis Festival what is today."

"The Elvis statue has been designed to tie in with the theme of the existing public art, with Terrance Plowright commissioned to construct the new statue - the same artist who
sculpted the Henry Parkes monument located in the town square."

This project has been a long time in planning, with the Elvis Revival Incorporated and Council working together for a number of years to bring Elvis to life.

The President of Elvis Revival Inc, Nola Short said "we are excited to see this project come to fruition as a thank you to our community for its support of the Festival over the last 25

"We hope the statute will itself become a tourist attraction for Parkes,” Ms Short said.

“”We hope it draws visitors into the Cooke Park precinct not just during the Elvis Festival, but all year round,” she added.

Terrance Plowright has begun sculpting the statue in bronze, with the Elvis Revival Inc planning to hold the official unveiling during the 2018 Parkes Elvis Festival.

He has now worked as an artist/sculptor for more than 34 years.

With his background and deep interest in music, philosophy, science and the relationships of living forms, he works on developing themes in his art that attempt to reveal the
interconnectedness and innate intelligence of all life, as well as the profoundly powerful and beautiful nature of being, of existence.

Materials utilized in his commissioned works include; cast bronze and stainless steel, plate bronze, stainless steel, steel, aluminium, stained glass, fused glass, cast glass, Italian
glass mosaic, water clear polyurethane, timber, marble, granite and sandstone etc.

While the location is yet to be confirmed, it's planned that the statute will be installed in Cooke Park.

The 2018 Elvis Festival will be held from January 10 to January 14 with Ben Thompson announced as feature artist.

Hailing from Surrey, England, he is a multi-award-winning Elvis tribute artist that has the ability to successfully recreate all eras of Elvis Presley.

Tickets for 2018 events go on sale this month with competition registration forms available from September 11.

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