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September 03,  2017   -   Elvis Express Radio
Several of Elvis Presley's albums released during his lifetime come with
free gifts like a  calendar, 10x8 photos etc and some came with various
hype stickers etc.

54 years ago in 1963, 'Elvis' Golden Records Volume 3', the Kings hit
record album series was released, and with the original U.S. outing,
fans were presented with a free full colour picture folio (as shown in
image, left).

RCA mailed out the folio's to Record stores to be used a give-a-way
with each LP purchase of 'Golden Records Volume 3'.

To find a copy of this album complete with the free picture folio is rare
and will cost you a pretty penny. But as Lee and Joe discussed on the
latest edition of the show, there is a particular package which is claimed
to be even rarer and, as it is claimed, could be the only one in

However, we have to ask...

Is this a true treasure of the Elvis record collecting world? Or is it a
home made fabrication? Let's take a little look.

The superb site
The Elvis Presley Records Research Database has
listed this as
"a one-of-a-kind discovery, originally reported on February
4, 2013 on Soundz Good Records Facebook page. A record store had
acquired an Elvis record collection from the daughter of a woman whom
had passed. Of the records, Elvis' Gold Records, Vol. 3 was acquired
by Robert Alaniz
(who runs Soundz Good Records) and is shown
exactly how it was found. Although in shrink-wrap, the record not
sealed, is a true first ("1S") Indianapolis pressing. This is unusual since
most silver stereo labels were distributed in baggies, though not

Elvis Records.com adds,
"It now appears to have been packaged this
way too, albeit in limited quantity"

So, IF this is actually a mega rare find then the following scenario will
have had to of taken place

What we are being told is that back in 1963, a record store put in their
order (let's say 10 copies) of the next Elvis Presley album, 'Golden
Records Vol. 3' and then put in the order for 10 of the picture folio.
Above - The rare full colour picture folio and poster given free with Golden Records Vol 3 in the USA
Below - A "one-of-a-kind" find claimed to be a mega rare shrink wrapped Golden Records Vol.3 including
the folio and sporting a hype sticker claimed to have been produced in a record store in 1953?
RCA was supplying these to record stores around America to be given away with each copy of the latest album release, but while this was a simple operation of customer buys LP
and is given the folio.

But with this proposed rare find, the store would have had to wait to take delivery of the albums and then the folio's. Then, the record store would have to...

1. Design and Print 10 labels (yellow)
2. Insert 1 folio inside each of the LP jackets
3. Shrink wrap each LP
4. Place hype sticker on each LP

We're told that In April 2013, this never before seen - previously unknown discovery sold for a reported $1,500? We're also told that the new owner
"carefully removed the folio to
inspect the condition; and the folio revealed several pages with fingerprints indicating that it had been removed before"
. Sounds somewhat suspicious to us, but you never know,

Obviously, to even hint that back in 1963 this new release had it's cover obscured by the free folio (as you can see in the above image) would be silly. So there is a theory about this
in the original story too.
"Because of the intentional position of the sticker on the shrink-wrap as it is angled with the frame on the cover, and slight indentation on the cover itself, the
folio was originally packaged inside the cardboard cover as indicated on the sticker"

So there we have it. A mega rare, possible, one-of-a-kind discovery never come across until the 50th Anniversary of the albums release. But let's think about this whole story in a
more logical manner. What kind of store owner would pay out of his own pocket to have a few stickers designed and produced and then get a shrink wrap machine (ok, let's give the
benefit of the doubt that the store already owned one. Why they would is a tough one to explain.), and then shrink wrap all the albums, stick on the stickers carefully so as to ensure
they are in line with the frame on the albums cover and then put the albums out on the sales floor for customers to buy?

Let's be honest here, why on earth would anyone, buy their own free choice, deliberately cut their own profits by doing something so illogical, so totally unnecessary and absolutely
pointless. Have a think and let us know what you think (and why not ask for a song to be played on our next show).
But this is not the only mega rare copy of an Elvis album that has turned up over the

Elvis' historic 'Aloha From Hawaii' concert in 1973 was broadcast live around the world
and was sponsored by 'Chicken of the Sea' tuna company. For many years now, one of
the (if not THE), holy-Elvis grails of promotional Elvis albums has been the RCA concert
album of 'Aloha From Hawaii' but with a special 'Chicken of the Sea' sticker.

BUT, as discussed on the show over the years, the question is, did the promo sticker
really exist or was it a rarity created by some unscrupulous dealer with the sole purpose
of taking fans money???

The story goes that someone by the name of Don George was, in 1973, working in the
advertising department of Van Camps, who owned the 'Chicken of the Sea' brand. It's
claimed that this, Don George guy was ordered to make about 50 copies of the sticker  
in 1973 for distribution to executives at the company?

Write into us here at EER and share your thoughts on this issue. Fill in our Online
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claimed that this, Don George guy was ordered to make about 50 copies of the sticker in 1973 for distribution to executives at the company?

QUESTIONS = Why "SNEAK PREVIEW"?  The album is just an ordinary basic album that anyone could purchase at the time. No advance promo copies.
                   = The sticker advertises the U.S. TV broadcast, the show length and the airing times...The LP was release February 4th 1973, IF the sticker was created as the story
                      would have us believe, would the U.S. broadcast be known at that point?  
                   = WHY is it that every copy of this album that has been sold (several from just one dealer) still has the shrink wrap on?
                   = WHAT are the odds that so many of the executives or employees would not just open up the album and not even think or care a jot about the sticker?

We contacted 'Chicken of the Sea' some time back and all we can report is they have absolutely no knowledge of any such promotional material ever being produced in conjunction
with the sponsorship deal they had with NBC for the American screening of the Special.

Again, think about this! According to the story (which originates from Elvis record dealers), this hype sticker had nothing to do with RCA Records, so just like 'Golden Records Vol. 3'
above, the story once again relies on the testimony of a person or persons who make a living selling rare Elvis records/memorabilia. Also, with the find of the GR 3 sticker LP, it must
now be the new Holy-Elvis grail as there is apparently only one?

Although I cannot help but wonder just how long it will be before another mega-rare GR 3 with the sticker etc is discovered.

Write into us here at EER and share your thoughts on this issue. Fill in our Online Request form or Email in your comments along with your song choice HERE
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