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August 30,  2017   -   Various   /   Elvis Express Radio
Hot on the heels of his recent superb picture book, 'ELVIS: LAS VEGAS, APRIL - MAY 1956', long time EER listener and supporter, Paul Belard has issued a new self-published  
book entitled 'ELVIS IN HAWAII - NOVEMBER 1957'.

This newest publication is the latest in a planned series of fan published books aiming to catalogue as many photos associated with each chosen subject in the series.

What follows is a Review / Described of the latest book by the poster 'MikeFromHolland' from over on
FECC forum.

Last week I received this wonderful book as compiled and written by Paul Bélard, born in France, living in the US.

The book with glossy cover counts 168 pages, some 160 pictures and they all deal with the two weeks Elvis spend during his trip to and his stay in Hawaii from November 5 to
November 13, 1957.

To be honest, I've never seen a book that dealt solely with those two very interesting weeks. The dedication makes it a pleasure to read and flip through. We mainly read articles
from that time itself. No analyses, just pictures and articles from that time. As if we're stepping into a time machine.

Not all pictures are of fantastic quality, and some are plain screen shots from footage, but it's all to give us a feel of how it must have been those days. How Elvis looked and moved,
and how fans reacted. They have historical value, even the blurry ones.

If you are expecting a hardback book with high quality glossy pages with photographs taken from original negatives etc, all expertly produced along the lines of Erik Lorentzens
amazing 'Elvis Files' series and other great books then don't.

Paul Belard is a fan with a great idea for a series of books which he is publishing himself. In doing so, he mission is to bring together as many photos, articles, reports  about
whatever moment in Elvis History he decides to tackle. And I for one hope that he continues to do many more.

Now then, Paul Belards books are produced in mega small numbers of between 30 or 50 copies and each book contains many rare pictures are included, everything from crisp,
clear images, along with others of less quality and some can even be very poor. Many of these poor quality images you won't see elsewhere for that very reason. Paul includes
these poor quality photos for historical reasons and I am certainly pleased he does.

If you're interested in the book, you can get in contact with the author directly by mail:

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